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Uploading Multiple Images

NOTE: All uploading and navigating involved in this tutorial occurs once logged in to OU Campus. For instructions on how to log in, watch the Tour video. Be sure to log in from the department’s homepage.

  1. To upload a file, navigate to Content > Pages. This will display the list of files in the site. All images should be uploaded to the Images folder.
    Uploading multiple images: step 1
  2. Click Upload in the upper right-hand portion of the screen.
    Uploading multiple images: step 2
  3. A window will appear for file selection. Take this opportunity to set Properties for these images such as who has Access to these images. Use File Selection part of this window to browse to images on the computer. If there is a problem with your filename, the text will be red and is not acceptable for upload. If so, rename the file in the left column using lowercase words separated by hyphens (remember, no special characters are allowed). Do not forget to include the extension. Note: only jpgs and pngs are accepted. Gifs are also accepted, but are converted to jpgs when uploaded, so any animated gifs will not perform correctly.
    Uploading multiple images: step 3
    Uploading multiple images: step 3b
  4. After selecting the images, click Upload at the bottom of the window. You will receive a Success Notice.

Congratulations! You just uploaded multiple images at once.