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The course sections on this page will be considered for Beyond the Classroom credit. Students who satisfactorily complete a course will be awarded 20 points.

Note: Only the courses taught by the instructors listed below will count for experiential learning credit.


Beyond the Classroom Course Section Listing for 2014-2015 as of February 18, 2015

Subj Code Section Title Section Instructor(s)
ANTH 3350 Archaeology Field School Nicholas Honerkamp
ART 1020 Visual Studios II: Form in 3-D Katie Hargrave
BIOL, ESC 1100 1 Conservation of Biodiversity Dawn Ford, Sabrina Novak 
BIOL, ESC 4540L Plant Ecology (lab) Jennifer Boyd
BUS 3900 Academic Internship Program Beverly Brockman
BUS 3900 Academic Internship Program Dan Hollingsworth
BUS 3900 Academic Internship Program Dan Hollingsworth
COMM 4350 Publication Design II Chandler Harriss
COMM 4850 Communication Internship Felicia Mcghee-Hilt
CRMJ 4790 Advanced Internship Christopher Hensley
CRMJ 4780 Internship Christopher Hensley
ECON 4600 Introduction to Econometrics Leila Pratt
EDUC 4170 Technology and Learning Susan Millican
EDUC 2010 Education in the U.S. Joann Cook, April Ebbinger, Barry Kamrath, Billy Millican, Jeff Rector
ENGL 4980 Public Argument Rebecca Jones
ENGL 3750 Poetry Andrew Najberg
ENGL 4000 The Transnational Novel: Toward a Praxis James Arnett
ENGR 3850 Interdisciplinary Design Project I / Integration of 3D Prototyping Ed McMahon and Trevor Elliott
ENGR 4850 Interdisciplinary Design Project II / Integration of 3D Prototyping Ed McMahon and Trevor Elliott
ESC 1510 Intro to Environmental Problems Brad Reynolds/All Instructors
ESC, BIOL-GEOL 4960 Tropical Island Ecology and Geology Dawn Ford, Ann Holmes
FIN 4880 Seminar in Portfolio Management Chris Brockman
FREN 3400 French Internship Victoria Steinberg
GRMN 3400 German Internship  
HHP 2020 Camping and Outdoor Education Andrew Bailey
HHP 3070 Outdoor Leadership Skills Andrew Bailey
HHP 3060 Outdoor Recreation Andrew Bailey
HHP 4490 Physical Activity Epidemiology Gregory Heath
HIST 4920 Internships in History Michael Thompson
HIST 3900 History of the Old South Michael Thompson
INTD 2210 Interior Materials Jessica Etheredge
INTD 4900 Interior Design Workshop Jessica Etheredge
INTD 4150 4151 Internship Dana Moody
INTD 1900 Study Tour Catherine Kendall
MGT 4370 Workplace Learning and Training Lisa Burke
MGT 3150 Management Theory, Concepts and Practice Randy Evans, James Levan
MGT 4410 Senior Seminar Irene Hillman
MGT 4400 Strategic Management Frank Butler
MGT 4400 Strategic Management Nai Lamb
MGT 4440 Strategic Issues in Human Resource Managment Katherine Karl
MGT 4400 Strategic Management Rich Mak
MGT 4999 Mexican Culture and Business in Mexico Frank Butler
MUS 3330 Vocal Pedagogy Rebecca St.Goar
MUS 3360 Choral Methods Rebecca Atkins
NURS 4550 Concepts in Community Health Robin Pearlstein
NUTR 4370 Medical Nutrition Therapy I Diedri White
NUTR 4390 Medical Nutrition Therapy II Diedri White
NUTR 3360 Community Nutrition Melissa Powell
POLS 4610 Political Science Internship Christopher Horne
SOCW 1100 Intro to the Social Work Courses Designated: Michael Sherr,Kathyanne Purnell, Amy Doolittle, Lisa Maguire
SOCW 4120 Field Education I Alison Crane
SOCW 4130 Integrative Field Seminar I Alison Crane
SOCW 4410 Integrative Field Seminar II Alison Crane
SOCW 4420 Field Education II Alison Crane
SOCW 4760 Experiential Based Senior SOCW Research Project Amy Doolittle
SPAN 3400 Spanish Internship Lynn Purkey
SPAN 4110R/2999 Spanish Cinema, Civilization, and Culture: Spain's Civil War Lynn Purkey
THSP 3070 Advocacy and Debate Jeannie Hacker-Cerulean
THSP 3080 Reader's Theatre Jeannie Hacker-Cerulean
UHON 2850 Innovation Lab I All Instructors
UHON 2860 Innovation Lab II All Instructors
USTU 1250 First Year Studies: The UTC Experience (HAM LLC) Linda Frost (46624)
Each credit hour is worth 7 points, making a standard 3 credit hour class worth 20 points.  If you have questions about how this may affect your point total, please contact the Experiential Learning Coordinator at 425-5825.