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Maintaining an optimum learning environment,

while maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability.


In 2009, Chancellor Roger Brown signed onto the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. The voluntary agreement commits the university to reduce its carbon emissions to zero with three key initiatives:
  1. Create institutional structures to guide the development and implementation of the plan.
  2. Complete a comprehensive inventory of all greenhouse gases.
  3. Develop an institutional action plan for becoming climate neutral.
To realize these goals, the UTC Office of Sustainability was created in October 2011.  A campus sustainability coordinator was hired on to work with Facilities Planning & Management to direct sustainability efforts at the institutional level. 
UTC's first campus Greenhouse Gas Inventory was conducted in 2009.  This Inventory was used to quantify Greenhouse Gas emissions created by the university directly and indirectly. 
In January 2011, UTC begun the process of developing UTC's Climate Action Plan (CAP). A Steering Committee comprised of individuals from Facilities, Environmental Science, Interior Design, and the Chancellor’s Office were assigned to direct the efforts. A 20-member Working Group of leadership from all aspects of campus was also assigned and met monthly to direct, give input, and help develop the report.