Smiling Student  Advisement

Pre-Nursing Students

All pre-nursing students will be advised by the School of Nursing BSN Professional Advisor, April Anderson, (e-mail or phone (423) 425-4670).

Pre-nursing freshman must meet with the BSN Professional Advisor twice in the fall and twice in the spring semester.

Pre-nursing sophomore, junior, senior and post-baccalaureate students must meet with the BSN Professional Advisor at least once in the fall and spring semesters.


Students in the Nursing Major

Students in the nursing major (admitted to the nursing program) will be assigned to a nursing faculty mentor for guidance.  Students will be assigned to the same faculty mentor throughout the nursing program, meeting at least once each semester.


Gateway RN-BSN Students

Individual appointments for planning and advising of Gateway RN-BSN students should be made with the Gateway Professional Advisor, Emily Martin,  (e-mail or call (423) 425-5624).


General questions about advisement? Email April Anderson or phone (423) 425-4670.