Mike is a veteran systems administrator with long experience in IT from a variety of fields ranging from banking and government to game development and manufacturing.  Mike's specialty within UTC's datacenter is Linux, as he's responsible for the Linux servers that power many of UTC's web and database systems.


5 Questions

Cats or Dogs? Cats, because if you need a chaperone going to the bathroom twice per day, we can’t be friends.  Plus, a cat makes you earn their trust. 

Which Price is Right game do you think you'd own if you were a contestant? Plinko

What are some of your first memories of the internet?  Seeing it for the first time in a browser called Mosaic on a Sun Sparcstation in the Doctor’s Building in 1993. Watching the owner of Chattanooga Online shoot a rat in his datacenter with a .22 caliber handgun. Discovering how to download any operating system I wanted from sunsite.unc.edu.

What piece of hardware do you most identify with? The Silicon Graphics R5000 64-bit RISC-based microprocessor.  It’s old, clever, beautiful, and unbreakable.

What four people, living, dead, or undead, would you invite to your dinner party? Bach, Einstein, Merle Haggard, and Miyamoto Musashi

Selected Resume 

Infrastructure, Information Technology, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Linux Systems Administrator,  February 2013-Present

Information Technology, Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, PLLC

Director of Information Technology,  November 2008 - February 2013

Infrastructure Engineering, SRC Technology Solutions

Senior Systems Engineer, February 2005 - November 2008

Infrastructure Management, First Tennessee Bank

I.T. Project Manager, Midwest Division, June 2001 - August 2004