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  • Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
  • Universities and Degrees: Jacksonville State University - Master of Public Administration (2012) & Bachelor of Arts in Communications (2009)
  • What do you enjoy doing around Chattanooga? I thoroughly enjoy the downtown atmosphere and the business district that surrounds UTC. There is always something going on and something to do for everyone to enjoy. 
  • What is your advice to incoming freshmen? Your freshman year of college will be one of the best experiences that you will ever have. You go off to college to learn and get an education but you also want to enjoy yourself and have fun in the process. Getting involved on campus will open up several resources and introduce you to exciting people that you can turn to for advice. Students are more open to asking other students about class assignments, setting up tutorial sessions and entertainment opportunities. Studies show that students who join student organizations and get involved on campus have better test scores and a higher graduation rate. GET INVOLVED, STUDY, AND HAVE FUN!
  • What is your advice to outgoing upperclassmen? “It’s not always about the grades you make, but the hands you shake”. Networking is a major factor in this complex and ever-changing society. Thousands of college students graduate each year with various degrees and employers will receive tons of applications and resumes for one vacant position. But it will be that one person who did the unpaid internship, connected with the right people and networked their way through college to get called for an interview. Knowledge is power and we all need it but you want to make sure you get connected. Before you graduate, begin researching professionals in your career interest and see what steps it took them to get where you want to be. It’s not always what you know, but who you know.