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Dr. Gary Liguori (HHP) and Dr. Chris Smith (School of Nursing) have been awarded a $1.1 million Advanced Nurse Education COMPASS Grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This award involves an interprofessional collaboration of the School of Nursing and the Health & Human Performance Department and will address obesity and associated chronic health condition in our community while also enhancing the curriculum and practicum opportunities in both departments. 

Dr. Shewanee Howard-Baptiste will play a primary role in the delivery of this grant at the Physical Activity and Health Coordinator.

Other HHP personnel involved include:

  • Dr. Gregory Heath, public health collaborator
  • Dr. Marisa Colston, athletic training collaborator
  • Dr. Char Schmidt, nutrition collaborator


HHP Students at Chamberlain Pavilion

HHP Students at Chamberlain Pavilion


The Department of Health & Human Performance exists to educate and train students, conduct and translate research, and provide service in the areas of physical activity, preventive and rehabilitative exercise, nutrition, and health promotion. These activities engage the university and the community for the purpose of enhancing health, performance, and quality of life among all people. If these ideals pique your interest, please take a closer look at one of our undergraduate or graduate programs.