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2014 New General Education Implementation (click for the list of courses to be certified in 2013-14)


The new General Education program was passed by the full faculty in the Spring of 2013.  Currently, the General Education Committee has grandfathered existing courses into the new categories, after asking for approval by individual departments about the placement of their courses.

During the Fall semester of 2013, we will restart the certification rotation.  Each course scheduled for certification will need to follow the new procedures and outcomes.  Please find a certification schedule here.  Additionally, new courses that have passed through the Curriculum Committee and courses previously on probation will be certified according to the new outcomes.
(See a sample of course certification materials.)

Procedure for Certifying Courses for General Education

New Courses
UTC departments and faculty members may propose new or existing courses for inclusion in the general education curriculum at any time.   If received and approved by the deadline (usually January 15) for catalog copy, these courses will be listed as such in the undergraduate catalog and on the UTC web site. Course proposals and approvals received after the deadline will be processed for inclusion in the next undergraduate catalog.
The General Education Committee cannot certify a new course until it has been approved by the Curriculum Committee.

If you would like to certify a new or existing course that is not on the scheduled rotation, please contact the General Education Chair (currently Rebecca Jones) to assure you are put on the certification calendar for this year.  New course proposals are due to the University Curriculum Committee by Nov. 1.  Please submit General Education materials simultaneously. 

Current Courses Scheduled for Recertification
If a course is on the current rotation list, departments will be contacted by the General Education chair in early September and asked to provide all relevant materials by October 15.


  1. Departments need to download and complete the category form relevant to the course they are certifying (here).  If a department wants to certify their course for more than one category, both forms will need to be completed.  Please find forms on the General Education webpage.
  2. Email forms, sample tests and assignments, and student samples (if available) to by October 15.  Please put the course name and number as the subject line (for example:  MLGN.2300).  The committee will review syllabi for the course for at least the past year.  We have access to electronic copies.  *Note: Sending your materials to the email address listed above automatically puts the attachments into an online "dropbox" accessible by the General Education Committee. 
  3. A member of the General Education Committee will be charged with reviewing all of the documentation and making a presentation to the rest of the committee.  This committee member may contact the department with questions prior to the presentation.  If the committee member does not expect to approve without revisions, they must request a second reader. Additionally, the department can send a representative to the meeting to answer any questions the committee may have about the course or the paper work.
  4. The General Education Committee will vote on the proposal and the chair will inform the department, faculty member and the Registrar’s Office of the decision (certified, denied, or returned for revision).

Timeline for 2014 General Education Implementation

All courses currently approved for general education will continue as approved general education courses through the 2013-14 academic year.
If approved by the faculty, the following implementation schedule will be followed.
  • Spring 2013: Existing UTC courses never approved for general education in the past will be reviewed for initial certification, upon application. Currently approved courses will be placed into the proposed revised general education categories. The currently approved courses and their suggested category assignment will be communicated to the department(s) offering the course(s) for confirmation/continuance, change of category placement, or withdrawal from the General Education approved courses.
  • Fall 2013: New General Education curricula and outcomes submitted for the 2014-2015 UTC Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Fall 2013/Spring 2014: Courses never approved for general education in the past reviewed for certification for the 2014 general education categories. Additionally, courses that would have come up for recertification in 2010-11 or 2011-12 or were placed on probation and not resubmitted during the moratorium will be submitted for certification based on the new goals and outcomes. Departments that had courses decertified during 2010-11 or 2011-12 may prepare a new course proposal based on the new goals and outcomes for consideration by the committee (See the updated certification schedule.)
  • Fall 2014: New general education curricula will go into effect. Current students will be able to select from the previous general education curricula or select the new general education curricula by changing their catalog year.
  • Fall 2014/Spring 2015: Courses that were scheduled for recertification in 2012-13 or 2013-14 and any courses never approved for general education in the past will be submitted for certification based on the new curriculum and outcomes.
  • Fall 2015/Spring 2016: Courses scheduled for recertification for 2015-16 will be reviewed and any courses never approved for general education in the past will be submitted for certification based on the new curriculum and outcomes.
  • Fall 2016: Regular certification process and recertification schedule implemented.