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Welcome to the Faculty Senate Web Page

The organization and function of Faculty Senate is described in Chapter 2 of the UTC Faculty Handbook.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: April 17, 2014, 3:10 p.m.

Next Full Faculty Meeting: September xx, 2014, 3:15 p.m.

Dear Fellow Senators,

To the goal of running our meetings more efficiently, I am  asking all who have matters to bring before Senate to send their electronic materials and  presentations (to Charlene Simmons to post), 5 working days before the next  Senate meeting (the Friday before). Presentations will not occur in Senate;  faculty, staff, and students bringing material forward will answer questions regarding the  presentation that has been posted.

I ask Senators to read and reflect upon the posted material, engage  in civil debate, and ask questions which push the conversation forward.  Please bear in mind that you are representing a constituency,  as well as yourself, as a member of a department and college; that  representation is a dialogue, as well.


Deborah A. McAllister

Faculty Senate President

For more information: email Dr. Deborah McAllister at
(423) 425 5376 (Phone)
(423) 425 5380 (FAX)

The Role of Faculty Senate - Chapter 2, Section 2.1.1 of the Faculty Handbook:

"....The faculty role in campus-wide governance is organized and effected by the Faculty Senate, a broadly representative body which is specifically charged by the Board of Trustees to consider, advise and recommend to the administration policies about a wide range of concerns affecting the welfare of the campus. Among these concerns are criteria for faculty appointment, dismissal, promotion, tenure and retirement; criteria for the selection of the chancellor, vice-chancellors and other campus administrative officers; criteria for the selection of the president and other statewide executive officers of the University (in conjunction with other Faculty Senates or corresponding bodies of the other campuses of The University of Tennessee); priorities for long-range academic planning; planning academic physical facilities; and policies regarding student life, rights and responsibilities."

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