Course Registration Process

It is the participant's responsibility to make financial arrangements for the doctoral program and to remove any registration holds in a timely manner. Each participant is responsible for registering online for doctoral course work by the published deadline. The Program Office will distribute information regarding LEAD course registration prior to the start of each term via official university email. In order to register online, participants will need to access the following information: UTC ID, Alternate PIN, and Course Reference Number (CRN). Participants may enroll in additional course work for elective credit with approval from the Program Director/Advisor. All elective courses must meet minimum eligibility requirements (link: Elective Credit Policy). If the elective course is closed, contact the academic program office offering the course for registration assistance. Once a participant has registered for a semester (Fall, Spring or Summer), s/he is considered to be enrolled, is liable for fee payment, and is expected to attend all classes until or unless s/he completes the appropriate official withdrawal process with the UTC Records office. A participant who drops out of classes without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of F.

Course Registration Limit

During the core program of study, enrollment is limited to 6 graduate credit hours due to the rigorous nature of the core program in addition to the participant’s professional practice, unless pre-approved by the Program Director/Advisor.