UC Foundation: What We Do

The University of Chattanooga Foundation Inc. manages the private endowment of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The UC Foundation was created in 1969 when the private University of Chattanooga merged with Chattanooga City College and joined the University of Tennessee system of statewide campuses.

From the beginning, the foundation has supported academic initiatives and educational excellence at the University. The variety of support is exceptional, ranging from the Guerry Professorships for top faculty to funding for the finest in arts and entertainment through the Patten Fine Arts Series. The foundation has supported equipment grants and loans for academic departments and provided matching funds for chairs of excellence. It has also worked to secure the best students through scholarships and honors programs. In recent years it has made possible high quality student housing and an elementary school through a unique public/private partnership.

The envy of many campuses, the UC Foundation was established with approximately $6 million in its endowment. Today, that amount stands in excess of $100 million. This growth represents growth in value of assets as well as significant contributions from many donors over the ensuing years.

The financial growth of the foundation, as well as the number of community leaders who donate their time and service to the board, serve as an outstanding example of the private and public partnerships that exist today at UTC.

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