Virtual Mission Programs

Tennessee River In Crisis

UTC Challenger STEM Learning Center has been developing this new program that allows teachers to present a virtual field trip for a simulated mission involving the Tennessee River network.


Your classroom becomes an Emergency Response Center during natural disasters:

  • Earthquake
  • Landslide
  • Flooding
  • A breech in the Dams
  • Flooded Nuclear Plant
  • Evacuations

An earthquake threatens to break some dams located along the Tennessee River. Students are placed on teams to develop an action plan. Teams will interact live with a Mission Commander from the Challenger STEM Learning Center. Up to 35 students per classroom with at least 5 computers/laptops/tablets in the classroom. Virtual Mission can be from 75 - 120 minutes. Web / Video Conference set-up and testing help available. 

**This program is still in the Beta Testing phase. If you are interested in being a test site please email or call Perry Storey at 423-425-2188.**