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Maclellan Gymnasium


Exterior view of Maclellan Gym

To Schedule An Event

To schedule any usage of the Maclellan Gymnasium schedule, a UTC facilities usage form must be submitted to The Maclellan Gym Coordinator. It is advisable to call Gregory Reinhardt and check availability before submitting your usage form. After submitting your form it must be approved by the the UTC Facilities Usage Committee. Depending on the event, a fee may be charged for use of the facility. This fee is required to cover the cost of facility supervision and maintenance.

Facility Use Form

Use of Recreational Facilities

Campus fitness/wellness and leisure sport/activity facilities at UTC were built primarily for use by students and others authorized by UTC. To be able to maintain and to make available these facilities, the University requires that certain regulations be adhered to by those using these facilities.  Deliberate cooperation by all is definitely required. The 
managers of these facilities, with the assistance of Campus Recreation  faculty/staff, student employees, and campus security officers, will enforce these policies. The regulations apply to any and all recreation participants as identified. Participants are categorized as recreators when they are using the Maclellan Gymnasium building, adjacent outdoor courts, fields or the Racquet center.  Regulations, policies and procedures are also applicable to those persons performing with direct supervision of an officially assigned instructor, coach or official authorized by UTC to conduct an academic class, varsity athletics, intramural activities, club sports or officially recognized events.  All organized group or athletic activities and special events previously mentioned are subject to approval of the Campus Recreation Department and/or the UTC Facilities Use Committee.  
main baskteball court inside Maclellan Gym

Authorized Participants

Facility attendants have been directed to permit the following to use UTC’s fitness/wellness and leisure sport/activity facilities: 
1. Students enrolled at UTC—who present current authorized I.D. cards. 
2. Faculty or staff of UTC—who present current authorized cards. 
3. Alumni with current UTC alumni cards. 
4. Guests of UTC must be sponsored by a current UTC student, faculty or staff member. There is a limit of one guest per sponsor.  Guests must be accompanied by their sponsor at all times.  Guests must register at the service desk before using any fitness/wellness or leisure sport/activity facilities.  Sponsors are responsible for all actions of their guests.  Guests must be 18 years or Older.

Guidelines for Participation

1. A UTC dependent card holder or an alumni may not sponsor a guest. 
2. Sponsored recreators must exit when their respective sponsor exits facilities. 
3. Unauthorized recreators using facilities or waiting to use campus facilities will be treated as trespassers by gym management and campus security officers. 
4.  Guest visitation may be limited or restricted if an individual’s usage is considered excessive or in violation of facilities regulations, policies, or procedures.  
5. Operational hours will be posted in the appropriate areas of activity. Access to or usage of any University fitness/wellness or leisure sport/activity facilities is limited to normal hours of operation. Special events, inclement weather, or the academic calendar may impact hours of operation.  Unauthorized access after hours is strictly prohibited.  For enforcement purposes, violators of this guideline will be subject to the University’s trespass policy. 
6. Unauthorized personal training or instruction is prohibited at any recreational facility. 
7. Each facility may have additional policies or guidelines due to its particular function. 
8. Recreators are expected to comply with all policies and guidelines which govern the particular area in which they are recreating.  Failure to comply with any policies or guidelines may result in removal from the facility and loss of usage privileges on a temporary or permanent basis.  


Recreational Services

Students are provided opportunities for participation in recreational activities on campus through the services of Maclellan Gymnasium.  Additionally, there are basketball, badminton, and volleyball courts.  Students have access to eight tennis courts adjacent to Maclellan Gymnasium. Harrison Racquet Center is an exceptional indoor racquet center housing two indoor tennis courts and seven handball-racquetball courts. Certain sports or recreational equipment may be checked out for use in these various areas upon presentation of a valid UTC identification card. Locker room and shower facilities are available for students’ convenience.  An operating schedule for the recreational use of this facility is published and posted prior to the beginning of each semester. 

The Following Groups Have Priority for Use of All Recreational Facilities 
1.  Scheduled Health and Human Performance classes. 
2.  Scheduled intramural and extramural events. 
3.  Scheduled intercollegiate activities and practices. 
4.  Scheduled UTC Continuing Education classes. 
5.  Approved UTC events.