Hometown: Cape Coral, FL

Universities and Degrees: Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Florida Gulf Coast University & Master's Degree in Higher Education/Student Affairs from Florida State University

What are some things that make you unique: I love being outside! Whether it's a short nap in a hammock, hiking to a waterfall, camping with friends, kayaking on any body of water I can find, or skiing the slopes. I am also a triathlete and a personal trainer.

What do you enjoy doing around Chattanooga: I enjoy exploring the natural surrounding area as well as exploring downtown. I love the free shuttle downtown and locally owned restaurants.

What is your advice to incoming freshmen: Know your values. Ask for help. Find your resources. Get involved. Make good friends. Go to campus events. Explore campus for all it has to offer.

What is your advice to outgoing upperclassmen: Be a mentor. Stay involved. Update your resume often. Network with people in your field early. Enjoy your last years here, don't let stress bring you down. Don't be afraid to ask for help!