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Hometown: raised in Upstate NY (Oswego) right on Lake Ontario, Lived in Virginia Beach, VA for 5 years, and now Chattanooga, TN!

Universities and Degrees: Regent University, Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management and Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling.

What are some things that make you unique? I love to dance, be active and outside in nature, and capture moments of beauty in whatever creative outlet I can.   

What do you enjoy doing around Chattanooga? Listening to birds early in the morning. Drinking coffee and exploring the city. I’m always finding new places, and Chattanooga is full of good food and good trails. I love being able to go ten minutes up into the mountains.

What is your advice to incoming freshmen? Learn from everything; not just the bad stuff. Discover who you are so that you can understand others. Take notes in class, and learn how to ask questions.

What is your advice to outgoing upperclassmen? Even if you don’t know “what you’re going to be when you grow up,” know that you can find things in unexpected places. Always anticipate discovering something you love when your imagination is lacking. Believe in yourself when no one else does…they’ll come around one day.