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How to create and publish profile pages

The tutorial below will walk you through how to create and publish a profile page. A profile page should be created for every employee in your department. These are a great way to facilitate communication from others outside your department and an ideal way to share information about each employee's talents and role in the department and at the University. Feel free to take advantage of the this page to link to individual websites (sites employees maintain that contain content relating to their role at the University), individual social media sites, and vitae.

NOTE: All uploading and navigating involved in this tutorial occurs once you have logged in to OU campus. For instructions on how to log in, watch the Tour video. Be sure to begin your log in from your department’s homepage.


Collect the headshots

  1. Start by collecting all employee headshots.
  2. Resize the photos to fit within 240 pixels x 300 pixels.
  3. Save each photo using the employee’s UTCID; i.e. abc123.jpg or abc123.png.
  4. Once you have resized all of your images, navigate to the [images] folder, then to the [profiles] folder and begin your upload by clicking ‘upload’ in the upper right corner.
    Collect headshots: step 4 screen shotCollect headshots: step 4 screen shot: images folderCollect headshots: step 4 screen shot: upload button
  5. Use the File Selection window to browse to and upload each image. (You may need to do this multiple times if you have more than ten employees. You can only upload ten images at once. Just repeat steps 4 and 5.)
    Collect headshots: step 5 screen shot
  6. REMINDER: Images are uploaded to the Production server (not the Staging server). To view your images, you must select the Production tab in the upper right corner. If you choose to confirm that your images are on the Production server, be sure to return to the Staging server to continue working.
    Collect headshots: step 6 screen shot


Create the profile pages

IMPORTANT: Do this for every employee BEFORE publishing any pages.

  1. Start at the main department directory level of the site.
  2. Click on the [profiles] folder.Create Profile: step 2 screen shot
  3. Click the ‘new’ button in the upper right corner.Create Profile: step 3 screen shot
  4. Choose ‘New Profile Page’.Create Profile: step 4 screen shot
  5. Begin filling out the form with the employee’s profile information as pertinent to that particular employee. This information can be edited later, but now is a perfect time to enter as much information as possible.Create Profile: step 5 screen shot
  6. For the ‘File Configuration’ portion at the bottom of this window, please keep ‘Yes’ for ‘Add Navigation Item’ and do not select ‘Overwrite Profile’.
  7. Click create.
  8. You will now see a window like this:Create Profile: step 8 screen shot
  9. To further edit this page and to add an image, click the ‘Edit’ button (upper left).
  10. Now you will see an orange ‘Multi Edit’ button appear at the upper center of your page. Click this button. You have now been directed to another form that includes fields for additional options and a field to upload an image.Create Profile: step 10 screen shot
  11. To upload an image, click the ‘Choose photo’ link. Select the image corresponding to the employee profile.
    Create Profile: step 11 screen shot

    Create Profile: step 11 screen shot image
  12. Take this time to scroll down and fill in any additional information about this employee. When complete, choose ‘Save’ at the bottom of the window.
  13. You have completed the basic setup for an employee profile.Create Profile: step 13 screen shot image
  14. Repeat steps 2-13 for each employee profile.


Publishing the Profiles

Now that you have created all your employee profiles, it’s time to publish.

  1. Start from the ‘profiles’ folder of your site. Click the white check box in the black bar to the left of the word ‘Type’. This will select all files in this folder.Publishing Profile: step 1 screen shot
  2. Click the ‘publish’ button right above the black bar.Publishing Profile: step 2 screen shot
  3. In this same window, click the white check box next to ‘index.pcf’ and publish this file by itself. This step is required any time you edit an existing profile page (abc123.pcf) and any time you create a new profile page.*

Congratulations, you have successfully created your employee profiles. A collection of all employee profiles can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Profiles’ link in your left navigation.

* NOTE: If you make any changes to an employee profile page after initial create, you must re-publish the employee profile page (abc123.pcf) AND the index.pcf page in that order for your changes to be reflected.