Creating an Image Gallery

UTC's website supports two types of image galleries:

  • Fancy Box: image thumbnails are displayed on the page; when clicked, they launch a sequential slideshow overlay
  • Slider: images are displayed the full width of the parent column, with title and description overlay; hovering over the image displays directional controls. As you may have guessed, this page shows a Slider gallery.

Gallery type can be set either when the page is created the first time, or by editing the page's parameters (Properties > Parameters) after it has been created. Galleries are first created as assets and then inserted in the page by clicking on the Insert/Edit Asset icon in the WYSISYG editor.

Slider galleries: crop all source images identically, at 960 pixels wide by XXX pixels tall. Slider galleries are limited to a single instance per page. For multiple image galleries per page, choose the Fancy Box option.

Please refer to OU Campus support site for detailed instructions:

OU Campus 10: Creating an Image Gallery →

How gallery text fields are handled on UTC's website:

  • Slider Galleries:
    • Title and Description are overlaid in a darkened area at the bottom of the gallery.
    • Caption is used for a link. Enter a full URL to a live web page, e.g. Leave the caption blank if you do not want a link. If you enter plain text in the caption, it will create a broken link!
  • Fancy Box Galleries:
    • Title will be displayed as a tooltip when hovering the thumbnail images, and will be displayed beneath the expanded slideshow images.
    • Description and Caption have no effect.