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Creating an Image Gallery

There are two types of image galleries; Fancy Box and Sliders. This can be set either when the page is created the first time or by editing the page's properties after it has been created. These are first created as assets and then inserted in the page by clicking on the Insert/Edit Asset icon in the WYSISYG editor. 

  1. To create a new image gallery, navigate to Content > Assets.
    Asset Creation

  2. Click on New and then Image Gallery.
    New Image Gallery

  3. Name the Image Gallery according to this naming convention: gallery - description. This will help you and others know what kind of asset has been created.
    Naming Gallery

  4. Click Save.

  5. Next
    - Fill in the Description and Tags
    - Set the thumbnail size, if different than the defaulted 100x100
    - Select whether the image should maintain its original aspect ratio or be cropped based on the thumbnail size
    - Select who has access to the gallery
    - Upload the images, and give them titles, descriptions, and captions. See the Adding Images section below for details on handling images.
    - Save updates
    Setting Up Gallery

A new image gallery has now been created. At any time the settings can be changed, and pictures can be added, deleted, or modified.


Adding Images

To add new images, simply click on the "New" button found under Images.

When "New" is clicked, a box will appear allowing a local image to be selected. Keep in mind that the image is to be selected from the computer, and it is not possible to browse for images already uploaded to the site. As a result, it's good to prepare the images in advance and collect them in a single folder. Visit the How to insert an image tutorial for tips on how to prepare images.

Slider galleries: crop all source images identically, at 960 pixels wide by XXX pixels tall. Slider galleries are limited to a single instance per page. For multiple image galleries per page, choose the Fancy Box option.

Only one image can be selected at a time. When the desired image is located and selected, a pop-up with the image will appear. Make any desired edits, and then use the "Upload As" button to complete the selection.

Uploading New Image

After uploading the new image, enter in the image's title, description, and caption. Repeat this process for all desired images.

Note: If your page is set to show Slider galleries, the Caption field is used for a URL, e.g.

Once images are uploaded, change the order of the images by simply dragging them to the desired order using the gray box with the four lines. It is possible to delete images using the X in the upper-right hand portion of the image's box. Be sure to Save when all images are in place.

Text fields

Slider Galleries:

  • Title and Description are overlaid in a darkened area at the bottom of the gallery.
  • Caption is used for a link. Enter a full URL to a live web page, e.g. Leave the caption blank if you do not want a link. If you enter plain text in the caption, it will create a broken link!

Fancy Box Galleries:

  • Title will be displayed as a tooltip when hovering the thumbnail images, and will be displayed beneath the expanded slideshow images.
  • Description and Caption have no effect.

Uploading Images

For more information on modifying the settings, visit the OU Campus Support page on how to Modify Settings.