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Welcome to the Office of University Relations

We're here to help you.

The Office of University Relations shapes the image of the University. We can help devise a communication strategy to best meet your goal.

The Office of University Relations:

  1. Takes the many stories and activities of the University and communicates them as a consistent message of academic quality and accessibility.
  2. Updates internal audiences on campus events, policy, ongoing initiatives, and more.
  3. Uses social media a way to reach external and internal audiences.
  4. Offers photography and videography services to promote campus activities and events.
  5. Serves as the coordinating office in communicating with internal and external audiences in crisis and emergency situations.
  6. Employs a variety of external media in communication of the University's stories.
  7. Develops and ensures the proper presentation of the University's visual image through publications and promotional materials.
  8. Supports student recruitment, fund raising, and community awareness through marketing efforts, including advertising, publicity, publications, and other media.
  9. Serves as a resource for the campus in the development of marketing materials and in acquiring publicity.
  10. Serves as a campus resource in the planning and implementation of special events and projects as opportunities arise.
  11. Determines the visual image and offers content support for the University's online presence.
  12. Offers a way for faculty and staff to communicate to campus colleagues with an email blast. To send a message on utcinfo: send the announcement to Send the message exactly as you wish it to be read by those on the listserve; no editing can be done once the item is submitted.  Use plain text; add no attachments or graphics in the email.  Write a creative subject line. After University Relations approves the email it will be distributed to all faculty and staff.

2013 We Shall Achieve

This video was produced to highlight the positive impact UTC, its students and its alumni have on more than just the Chattanooga community.