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Working group guiding principles

Chancellor Steve Angle initiated a new strategic planning process for UTC. The last UTC strategic plan  spanned 5-years and sets  set the stage for the new leadership team to position UTC and the community for a collaborative achievement agenda.

From the previous theme – We Shall Achieve – UTC is positioned to achieve excellence through the prism of student success and community collaborations, embrace its heritage of teaching and academic programs of distinction and be the voice for improved educational performance and outcomes in the region.

In addition to all of the known academic measures of excellence, UTC also should focus on the principles of good customer service – from the outreach to prospective students, the mentoring of those in the academic pipeline, the ability to “One Stop Shop” for the basics of college life, the respect of a diverse employee and student population, the outreach after graduation to contribute and to remain engaged, the integration of online learning into the overall curriculum and the follow up to every request, invitation and opportunity in the greater community.

“We Achieve Excellence” is a standard for measurement going forward.

The strategic approach for UTC should be built on a foundation of student success, community collaboration and a tradition as an engaged University that connects students, faculty, families and community.

Dr. Jerald Ainsworth, senior vice chancellor and provost, is leading the strategic planning process, and a working strategic task force includes representatives of the faculty, staff, students, alumni and community.

Members of the working team will be involved in:

  • Organizational sessions that includes the Chancellor's charge
  • Team meetings: August, October, November and December
  • Breakout sessions: September

During the planning process period, there will be communications delivered via e-mail that will include requests for information, reviews of materials and interactive sessions.

Working group members will serve in a convening role for break out sessions and will be asked to assist us in identifying the members of the individual sessions.

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