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Outreach to Students

These groups have been involved to date with the strategic planning initiative. They have responded to questions related to the UTC Vision and potential branding messages. In addition, they provided feedback on student success and community partnerships that is being used in developing the strategic objectives for UTC.

  • April 14 – Residence Hall Association
  • April 16 – Panhellenic
  • April 16 – Inter-Fraternity Council
  • April 17 – Student Engagement Group
  • April 17 – Student Development Group
  • April 30 – Student Government Association

Interview Notes

Women’s Council

Student Success:

  • Safe campus; loved, accepted
  • Classes that apply to real life
  • Advisements set up for freshmen
  • Undecided majors w/o advisors
  • Learn through involvement
  • An app would be great
  • Class availability/ students leave UTC because of lack of classes by sophomore year
  • How do they determine classes; data gaps?
  • Need to share when courses will be offered
  • 1st year experience will mentor freshmen
  • Search issues with web site


  • Student leadership office to get students engaged in community
  • Things other than Greeks
  • Student service learning opportunities
  • Size does matter



  • Driven to do well; make a difference
  • Seek help from advisors, faculty
  • Student mentors
  • Open more sections
  • Business better organized; advisors
  • Career and support services
  • Better info on graduating on time
  • Summer classes


  • Opportunity to work in other schools; internships
  • Community kitchen, hospitals
  • Lack of social info
  • Better publicity for larger events on campus
  • Banners in the UC best means to communicate
  • Sell Chattanooga as well as UTC
  • Hard to expand with limited parking, housing, faculty

Inter Fraternity Council


  • Service; contribute to society
  • Knowledge to serve
  • Develop student leaders
  • Commitment to students
  • Student to student mentors
  • Professor as mentors
  • Center for advisement, student success/retention
  • Need logistics program
  • Website – OK
  • Would not go to school in the middle of nowhere
  • Networking
  • Career and employment services/ interns
  • More student connection w/athletics


  • Name events outside
  • Pep rallies downtown
  • Free swag
  • Better communication

Residence Hall Association


  • Retention
  • Advising
  • Mentors
  • Freshman advisors are the best
  • Better class focus
  • Better teachers/ academics
  • Joining organizations
  • Hard to find information
  • Weekends – nobody socializes
  • Programs need to extend into weekends
  • Jobs/ some depts. Host job fairs
  • Career counseling; easier access
  • Web – search issues


  • Programs, service in community
  • Job fairs on campus
  • Some depts. More active
  • Lot of students come from non-Metro areas
  • List of what available downtown
  • Make it feel like home
  • More interaction/ students doing outreach
  • Days of service/ requires different training, available time

Student Engagement Group


  • Opportunities – organizations for jobs, internships
  • Career and employment office
  • Involvement – internally, academics, extracurricular
  • SGA emphasis on organizations
  • Advisement – orientation
  • Gateway school
  • Stick around, get involved
  • Never heard UTC; not at college days
  • Don’t show our resources
  • Web better; hard to navigate
  • Don’t market in our own backyard
  • More human connection in high school recruits
  • Residence programming
  • Educational opportunities – undergraduate research
  • Organization opportunities
  • Tutors
  • Experiences so not bored on weekends
  • Chattanooga is selling point
  • Freedom to experiment academically
  • Size is important


  • Office for outreach
  • Facilitate
  • Tell our story
  • Front door
  • Be responsive
  • Publicize activities
  • Focus – too much trying to be everything for everybody
  • Weekly digest of what is happening
  • Communication – equals outreach

Student Government Association


  • On campus mentorships w/faculty, staff and freshmen
  • Inspiration to learn, what want to do with life
  • Wide range of class experiences
  • Aspirations
  • Engaging student organizations
  • Orientation
  • More unity between academics and external
  • More class sections
  • Web – hard to find info, better but style difficulties/ lacks general student involvement
  • Telling stories
  • Externally important for Chattanooga but don’t do it well
  • What to do in Chattanooga
  • Where to use student discount – bridge gap with city
  • More academic support and progression
  • Professors encourage students to take classes seriously


  • Lack of community feel
  • Lack of UTC communication
  • Hosting individuals on campus
  • Points to centralize where to find information of what is going on
  • Incentives for people to come
  • Stronger relationships with media
  • Promote us as eligible voters
  • Share calendars to broader audiences
  • Present students as bright, ready to work, good assets
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Create avenues to communicate with external audiences
  • Need one-stop place for everyone; now run for some departments
  • Comprehensive career planning
  • Housing – support groups, living and learning (pluses) build stronger partnerships with business