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Outreach to Faculty & Staff

These groups have been involved to date with the strategic planning initiative. They have responded to questions related to the UTC Vision and potential branding messages. In addition, they provided feedback on student success and community partnerships that is being used in developing the strategic objectives for UTC.

  • April 24 – UTC Faculty
  • April 30 – UTC Faculty
  • June 23 – UTC Staff

Interview Notes


Student success:

  • Jobs/ training
  • Life span development
  • Transform to well rounded individuals; not vocational training
  • Help them define success for different age groups
  • Gen ed issues for available classes
  • UTC grew faster than faculty and departments
  • Student growth out strips faculty growth
  • Programs of distinction
  • Fulfill needs of community
  • Group advisement
  • Better funding information
  • Protect student/faculty ratio
  • Online
  • Important classes every semester/impact on complete college
  • Concern about adjuncts and quality
  • Campus does not encourage summer classes; lack of services

Engaged, metropolitan university:

  • Think/achieve – outside classroom
  • Service to community
  • Reciprocity – utc – community – utc
  • Feels like commuter college
  • Partnerships/ utc – community tied to students & research
  • Location/ ore than downtown
  • Interaction with city/community
  • Relevant – what teach, research makes things different, better
  • Better communication
  • Properly training students to be engaged citizens/ tied to UTC
  • Regional (define)
  • Students part of community; not isolated

Community connections:

  • Media – need to tell our story; low budget for publicity
  • Web improved; still hard to navigate, find items; no link to communications; platform issues; not intuitive
  • Build expectation for every program to have experiential connections

Department Heads


  • Service
  • Community research
  • Partnerships
  • Local/ global knowledge
  • Outreach
  • Applied research
  • Local internships
  • Reciprocity – get something for what you give
  • Problem solving
  • Investment in the community/ investment in UTC
  • Loyalty – alums & traditions
  • Involved
  • Web – know how to find things
  • 4 year experience differentiated from 2 year
  • “Limiting” term
  • What does it say or mean?

Student success:

  • Advisement
  • Engagement
  • Faculty engagement
  • Sometimes they do not do what they are told
  • Student ownership & responsibility
  • Space/ faculty
  • Investment in growth – faculty, maintenance & dorms
  • Curriculum flexibility
  • Archaic system for course selection & approval/ changes
  • Faculty handbook issues
  • Sections too large for space availability
  • Resources do not follow students automatically
  • What majors promote trends in society and what is going on in society?
  • Decide a standard level of support for every department; more for those that require more
  • Internships & competencies
  • UTC as a reasonable option/ a blue collar, lowest cost university

Community connections:

  • Visibility/ PR; we do not tell or sell our story
  • Alums tied into internships
  • Closing the community loops
  • Coordination
  • Everybody needs a PR person
  • Website continuity – no resources to refresh information
  • Prioritize
  • No highlighting of what we do or accomplish
  • Chancellor talking about person to coordination community connections
  • Point out why we are an alternative to a 2 year school
  • Package information to show our track record

UTC Staff

Reviewed the current UTC vision statement and a modified version. Discussed the attributes associated with student success, community connections and customer service.


Student Success

  • Scholarship and scholarships
  • Undergraduate research activities
  • Drives up retention, cuts across curriculum and ties into community
  • Wellness
  • Career development and professional focus
  • BRAND – what is it; what do people say?
  • UTC is equal partner in the system
  • TV or billboard ads; got out our message
  • Work on the “C” so understand it stands for UTC
  • Improved communication among students and community
  • Sell Chattanooga as part of the package

Community Connections

  • Housing, parking; begin a good neighbor
  • Public safety; okay around campus; better focus off campus
  • Bring the community to campus with the Arts, outreach, Challenger Center
  • Invest in our connections

Customer Service

  • Everyone on the same page; advance notice before something happens
  • Treat each other as customers
  • End the needless transfer of callers searching for information
  • Go the extra mile
  • New phone system
  • Better coordination throughout UTC
  • Student service in one place