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Dr. Mike Biderman's teaching interests include the introductory and intermediate statistics courses, sensation and perception, and the graduate research methods sequence in the I/O program. His current research interests involve the study of structural equation models applied to faking of personality tests and the study of factors available at time of selection to turnover in organizations. His out-of-class interests involve twice daily walks of the Biderman dogs. For more information about Dr. Biderman, click on his "More Info" button at the bottom of this page

Dr. Chris Cunningham is actively engaged with research that integrates I-O and occupational health psychology. He studies issues associated with stress and recovery from stressful work, the complex interface between work and nonwork roles, and the influence of individual differences in personality and fitness on the stress process. Within the UTC I-O program Chris teaches organizational psychology, organization development, and research methods courses with a smattering of special electives related to occupational health. Apart from his academic career, Chris has also worked as a residence hall/life advisor, child mental health care counselor, anger management workshop facilitator, data entry “specialist”, semi-industrial construction worker, tennis instructor, and hotel guest service worker. He has also had multiple I-O consulting/contract opportunities with public and private, for-profit and non-profit organizations. Aside from psychology, Chris is an accomplished jazz trumpeter and if he is not in his office he is probably out trying to lead an active lifestyle. For more information about Dr. Cunningham, click on his "More Info" button at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Brian O'Leary's research relates primarily to the impact of perceptions of justice on individual and group performance, but also branches out to collaborative efforts with students and other faculty on a variety of topics. He is currently focusing on equity sensitivity and its role as a moderator or mediator of many important I-O relationships. He is also developing a construct that relates to the impact on supervisor attitudes and performance of their perceptions of the support they receive from their subordinates. Brian's background is rather unique. He began doctoral studies in Organizational Behavior at Tulane University after a 14 year career with AT&T in which he held a variety of supervisory and non-supervisory positions in government contracting, accounting, and project management. His hobby is running - mostly 5 and 10Ks, and, after completing the Kona half-marathon, still has visions of running a marathon "some day" (should his knees hold out). He enjoys playing basketball, ultimate Frisbee (although frequently on the disabled list…), and, when in need of severe irritation, golf. His passion is Notre Dame football and, while he is famous for his availability to students, it is probably best to avoid him when the Irish are playing in the Fall. For more information about Dr. O'Leary, click on his "More Info" button at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Bart Weathington’s primary teaching responsibilities are for the job analysis and personnel selection courses in the I-O program. Bart followed a nontraditional route into academe and before joining UTC spent several years working as a management consultant planning, designing, and delivering organizational performance solutions and helping organizations meet human resource challenges. Continuing this trend, Bart’s research interests fall primarily on the “I” side of I-O psychology. Specifically, he is interested in issues regarding employee selection, discipline, and compensation. Recently he has also become interested in sport psychology. Outside of psychology Bart is an avid fencer (although he took several years off while in graduate school and working). He is currently coach of the UTC fencing club. For more information about Dr. Weathington, click on his "More Info" button at the bottom of this page. Please note that Dr. Weathington will be leaving UTC and returning to his I-O practitioner roots at the end of the Fall 2015 semester.