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Ph.D., Personality Psychology, Oklahoma State University, 2007

M.S., Psychology, Oklahoma State University, 2004

B.A., Psychology, University of Arkansas, 2000  


Teaching Interests

Personality Psychology

Health Psychology

Adolescent Developmental Psychology

Moral Development

Stress and Trauma


Research Interests

Character Traits

Moral Exemplars

Personal Moral Role Models

Moral Emotions, Moral Behaviors, Virtues, and Vices

Impact of Chronic Psychological Trauma (e.g., childhood maltreatment, peer bullying victimization, and intimate partner psychological abuse)

Physiological Stress indicators (e.g., cortisol, blood pressure, heart rate)

Facial-emotional Coding within Dyad Intimate Partner interaction


Recent Publications

**Sonnentag, T.L., & McDaniel, B.L. (2013). Doing the right thing in the face of social pressure: Moral rebels and their role models have heightened levels of moral trait integration. Self and Identity, 12 (4), 432-446.

McDaniel, B.L., **Daugherty, J. R., **Rycek, J.M., **Jeter, W.K., & Eason, E.A. (2010). "Reaching for the stars" and "Looking down from a pedestal": Do discrepancies between the self and positive or poor role models influence emotional adjustment? Personal Construct Theory & Practice, 7, 76-84.

McDaniel, b.L., Grice, J. W., & Eason, E. A. (2010). Seeking a multi-construct model of morality, Journal of Moral Education, 39 (1), 37-48.