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Bachelor of Integrated Studies is a unique degree designed to serve both traditional students and adult learners with prior learning.  Students design a course plan to fit their educational and career goals.  Coursework from degree programs in all colleges on campus can be integrated to form the degree.  Practical training credit (PTC) can assessed and applied to the degree.  Additionally, students may select coursework that is entirely online.


The Integrated Studies Program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga strives to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals by fostering an environment of success.  We offer unique degree options, including the UTC Achieve Degree, to provide the diversity required by students on the path to graduation. We serve traditional and non-traditional students in obtaining their degrees either on campus or online.  Whether entering the workforce or graduate school, our graduates will be prepared for professional work in a variety of fields.  Our department is committed to meeting the unique needs of our students and community by providing a useful path to a college degree that exemplifies the high standard of excellence set forth by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


Are you an on-campus student interested in Integrated Studies? Click here for more information about our program.

Are you a working adult interested in an online program? Click here to check out our Achieve Degree.


Watch Integrated Studies graduate Matthew Woods discuss his degree