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The Integrated Studies Program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga strives to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals by fostering an environment of success.  We offer unique degree options, including the UTC Achieve Degree, to provide the diversity required by students on the path to graduation. We serve traditional and non-traditional students in obtaining their degree either on campus or online.  Whether entering the workforce or graduate school, our graduates will be prepared for professional worked in a variety of fields.  Our department is committed to meeting the unique needs of our students and community by providing a useful path to a college degree that exemplifies the high standard of excellence set forth by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

  • Students interested in an on-campus individualized course of study should consider the Integrated Studies Concentration. In this concentration, students select two or three areas of study to integrate together.
  • Working adults who desire an online degree completion program might find the Professional Studies concentration ideal to fit their busy schedule. Also known as the Achieve Degree, the Professional Studies Concentration has a specific course design, with pre-selected integrated courses, which allows students to graduate in as little as five semesters.

Getting Started

  1. BIS: Integrated Studies: Integrated Studies - This concentration is designed for on-campus students. Interested students should visit the Integrated Studies website and watch the information video about the program. The video can be found under the “Getting Started” link. After watching the video, students should complete the BIS Questionnaire. The questionnaire will help students to focus their educational and career goals. Completed questionnaires should be emailed to the BIS Director with a request for an advisor. Students entering the program with earned hours must complete the questionnaire and contact the program coordinator during the first semester.
  2. BIS: Integrated Studies: Professional Studies - Interested students should visit the website for the UTC Achieve Degree and read about the program. They should also complete the Interest Form to request more information from the Program Coordinator
Pre-BIS and Admission to BIS Program
All students wishing to choose a BIS concentration should select the Pre-Integrated Studies major when applying to UTC. If you are a current UTC student, please consult with the program director before changing your major to Pre-Integrated Studies.
  • BIS: Integrated Studies: Integrated Studies: Admission to the program is granted when the student course plan is approved by the Integrated Studies Committee.
  • BIS: Integrated Studies: Professional Studies: Students approved for admission to this program will meet the following requirements:
    *  have completed general education requirements
    *  have completed 60 undergraduate semester credit hours
    *  have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0
    *  submit a written statement describing relevant professional work experiences and a rationale for pursuing the degree program.
    Admission to the program is granted pending approval of the secondary application is available on the website on UTC Achieve Degree Website.