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Just the fact that you exist on this campus is due to Brenda. Okay, we kid! However, for most of her 29 years at UTC she has been creating and managing user accounts so we can all accomplish the things we need to do. She still does this today as a member of the Identity and Access Management team and is looking forward to how much more we can automate the account creation process among all our online systems. Thanks, Brenda!

In her own words:

"Started September 1984 and have worked here almost 29 years.  I have worked with the IT department the whole time starting out as a computer operator down in Grote when it was under CECA.  I have been very fortunate to have had wonderful and understanding supervisors throughout my time at UTC.  Our first email accounts were called MUSIC accounts and have seen many changes over the years.  I have always created everyone's email account until now when our new changes have come about and they will soon be created automatically.  The changes we are going through right now with automation of accounts has been the biggest change for me but one I have waited on for a long time.  Automate me out of a job I say!!!!!!!!"

Ain't she awesome!

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Four people I would invite to my dinner party are Elvis, George Washington, Elizabeth Taylor and Dwight Eisenhower.

The farthest place I have traveled is Europe.

If I were a detective, my sidekick would be Matlock.

When I am not working in the dungeon, I'm most likely watching TV.

Worst job I ever had was a motel maid for a day.  Went to lunch and never returned!!