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Michael Dinkins
Sr. Information Security Officer
Information Security & Projects Office
CISSP, BS CompSci-Information Systems
  (423) 425-4507
  (423) 425-2200
  Doctors Bldg Room 303

As UTC's Senior Information Security Officer (SISO) my goal is to foster greater awareness among faculty, staff and students about persistent threats and the overall risk to UTC systems and information.   My role is to help our departments identify weaknesses in their operations and systems, and help them better-secure the information resources for which they are responsible.  Also, I am the UTC representative on the statewide Security Community of Practice (CoP), a governance committee responsible for establishing a risk-based security framework across the university system.  I will continuously promote security industry standards, policies and best practices for all users and administrators of the UTC network. 

I was born in San Diego and I grew up mostly in Southern California.  However, I also traveled to several states with my parents because my dad chased NASA contracts for booster rockets used in NASA's manned space program.  Cris-crossing the US during the 1960's was fun, but needless to say that I attended many schools before graduating high school.  The short story is that we ended up in Chattanooga (where my mother grew up) after Hurricane Camille hit the Mississippi Gulf coast in 1969.  I met my wife, Cecilia, in between college semesters and we married in 1973.  We have three children, two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law, and eight grandchildren, and my one metric of success in life is that were all in the same zip code and we're all still good far.


5 Questions:

1.  QUESTION:  When I'm not working in the dungeon, I'm most likely.....

     ANSWER:  Playing guitar.

2.  QUESTION:  Cats or Dogs? 

     ANSWER:  I'd say cats, because you can never figure them out and they act like they're cool with the whole relationship regardless of how hard you try.  However, my wife read this and she said I really don't like cats in general...just the one we had for 13 years that would go out of his way to be around the family.

3.  QUESTION:  If you were a detective, who would be your sidekick?

     ANSWER:  Mr. Bean

4.  QUESTION:  What would you choose for a super power?

     ANSWER:  The United States of America.    (...or time traveling).

5.  QUESTION:  What is the farthest place you have traveled?

     ANSWER:  In excess of 700 feet below the surface of the ocean for 90 days.



-- Director of Systems, Operations & Security, UTC.  January 2010 - April 2013

In the Fall of 2009 I applied for a Director's position and was offered the opportunity to work with a talented group of analysts and administrators in the Systems & Operations department.   There were numerous IT projects in progress around the campus during the period 2009-2013, and our goal in SysOps was to sustain daily operations and provide high availability of services while assisting in the implementation of various, significant new projects.  The projects included the new Banner Student Information System, Active Directory, Exchange 2010, MocsMail (Google), and numerous other projects and the SysOps Team did a outstanding job for UTC.  And like most customers who have quality Cable TV, Internet, or Telephone services...I'll bet you didn't even notice because your service was there when you needed it. 

-- Senior Security Analyst, U of Tn System (UTSA), assigned to UTC. August 2008 – December 2010

-- Senior Information Security Architect, Director and Lead Engineer of Applications & Security at ISN, Chattanooga, TN.  May 1998 – August 2008

-- Pre/Post-Sales Support Engineer, LAN/WAN Designer, Planner, & Senior Systems & Networking Engineer, Citrix Solutions Engineer at Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville, AL.  October 1983 - May 1998