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Ms. Ruth Bradford
IT Technologist
Enterprise Applications
B.S. in Criminal Justice from UTC, A.S. in Business Data Processing from Chattanooga State
  (423) 425-4731
  Hunter 103K

Ruth is a native of Chattanooga.  She has 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren who also live in the area.  Her career at UTC started in 1977 when she was hired as the Computer Center’s Computer Operator.  She worked with several Hewlett-Packard mainframe computers, one of which still runs today (the ominously named "Entity").  While working with those systems, she generated backups so no one's grades would be lost; gathered data and ran reports for academic departments, Admissions, Records, accreditation, and more; and processed end of the semester student grades.  In her 36 years with the department, her role has changed quite a bit.  With the implementation of the Banner Student System and the incoming Identity and Access Management project, "Entity" should soon be retired.  Her primary duties now are working with Jim on Business Processes and Collaboration tools - where she creates and helps maintain departmental sites for UTC departments.  Her other duties include test grading for faculty and using online services to help faculty and students collaborate more effectively.

5 Questions

When not working in the dungeon (okay, the basement of Hunter Hall), where would you most likely be?  Shopping or gardening at home, or shopping – did I mention shopping?

Biggest advantage and disadvantage to working more with computers than people? Advantage:  With my job skills changing, I can do most of the work that is needed with an email request or phone call.  Disadvantage:   I don’t get to interact as much with the customer and build on those relationships, like I used to.

Cats or Dogs?  Dogs.  Definitely dogs.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would it be and why?  I have always wanted to travel to England, Ireland and Scotland.  I have ancestors that have been traced back to England (1600’s) and think it would be interesting to see if I could find out more about them!

A misconception from childhood only corrected as an adult?  Life really is about learning to dance in the rain!