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I grew up on my families six hundred acre dairy farm (still one of my favorite places in the world).  Until I came to UTC, working with technology was the furthest thing from a career choice.  I received my B.S. in Anthropology in 2011.  The best part of my job has, and I believe always will be, being a part of a great team of people.  One of the best things about working for UTC is getting to know new students/employees and continuing relationships with everyone on this campus.  I've had the opportunity  to travel to several different places, but it's Chattanooga that continues to be my favorite place.

5 Questions

1. What would you choose for a super power? Immunity to all forms of disease and injury.  The thoughts of getting cancer terrify me.

2. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? I have a feeling it will eventually be Hawaii, but as of now, Key West.

3. Name a hobby you would turn into a career if it were possible? Travel and philanthropy.

4. If you were the leader of a funk band, what would be the band's name? Oceanic Flight 815 and the Survivors.

5. Which Price is Right game do you think you'd own if you were a contestant? The Cliffhangers Game.