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Dan Chase is responsible for the management of the OU Campus content management system (CMS) in the process of being deployed for the UTC main website.

Chase originally came to UTC for his undergraduate degree in 1993, and after being introduced to the Internet by Dr. Eric Lane, one of his physics professors, he got seriously distracted! Chase held a work-study position in Administrative computing as an electronics technician's assistant, where he became intimately familiar with the at the time terminal-based network for the HP 3000 mainframe. Eventually he moved to a position as a system operator for that system, all the while teaching himself more & more about the Internet & World Wide Web.

In 1997, Chase took the opportunity to join the staff at UTC, helping to create what was to become today's Help Desk. In 2000, he wrote the job description for the campus' first webmaster position in University Relations and stepped into that role. At the time he was a 'one man shop', managing all parts of the web site from setting up the server hardware, managing the operating system (Linux), and configuring the web server (Apache.) In 2006 & 2007, he moved into two positions in IT doing systems administration & database management for Linux servers & the website. He still maintained responsibility for and wrote many other applications that integrated our ASIS student information system on the HP 3000 with the world wide web, as well as a secure credit card processing system so payments could be taken via the website for student fees and other offices.

In 2008, he decided to leave the nest and explore the world. Initially taking a management position at the University of Colorado-Boulder, a stint as a freelancer--during which he helped convert the UTC site from the earlier systems he had setup to a new VMware virtual server environment. After a period in our nation's capitol at Smithsonian Institution Archives, he went back to his native New York to be closer to family and friends, but after a short time at St. Lawrence University, he made his way back home to UTC.