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The Department of Health & Human Performance exists to educate and train students, conduct and translate research, and provide service in the areas of physical activity, preventive and rehabilitative exercise, nutrition, and health promotion. These activities engage the university and the community for the purpose of enhancing health, performance, and quality of life among all people. If these ideals pique your interest, please take a closer look at one of our undergraduate or graduate programs.



Dr. Gene Ezell

Dr. Ezell is retiring from UTC after 41 years on the HHP faculty (1974-2015). Dr. Ezell spent most of his years in HHP working with the Health and PE Teacher prep program. Dr. Ezell plans on spending much of his free time pursuing his music writing in Nashville while being close to his grandchildren. We look forward to hearing his songs!

Dr. Steve Underwood 

Dr. Underwood is retiring from UTC after 31 years on the HHP faculty (1984-2015). Dr. Underwood spent most of his years in HHP working with the Health and PE Teacher prep program. Dr. Underwood will be spending lots of time with his grandchildren, and following his son around the world cheering him on during his marathons. He also hopes to catch a few big fish along the way.




Dr. Diedri White

Dr. White recently completed her doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) from Loma Linda University. The title of her dissertation was The Association of BMI with Psychological Factors, Physical Activity, and Healthy Eating among Adults. Dr. White is now an Assistant Professor of HHP, with a primary role as the program coordinator of Dietetics. 

Dr. Elgin Andrews

Dr. Andrews recently completed his doctorate in Exercise Physiology (PhD) from Georgia State University. The title of his dissertation was The Relationship Between Body Mass Index, Perceived Weight, and Academic Performance in Minority Middle School Students. Dr. Andrews will continue in his role as an Assistant Professor of HHP, with primary responsibility in the Exercise Science program.



Dr. Jamie Harvey

Dr. Harvey was granted tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor. Dr. Harvey works primarily in the Health and Physical Education Teacher prep program within HHP.


2015 HHP Outstanding Seniors

2015 HHP Outstanding Seniors (from left): Cree Moore, Spencer Zacharias and Christine Hagemeyer along with HHP faculty (from left): Dr. Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, Dr. Jamie Harvey and Dr. Gary Liguori