Chemistry 1110 Tutoring Information

OK, you have done all the homework assignments, but you are still having some problems? Where can you get help?
  1. My office hours --- I can't provide daily tutoring, but if you would like some help, I am more than willing during office hours. If you would like to come outside of my office hours, please email me( or give me a phone call (425-5296) so we can setup an appointment.
  2. Free tutoring: this is a service offered by the Student Success Center for all students. The Student Success Center is located in 108 CANX (the trailers behind the Challenger Center on Collins St). Stop by to schedule an appointment.
  3. Chemistry Club Tutoring: $3 for a one hour session. Look for signs in Grote Hall advertising the sessions or visit the Chemistry Club website.
  4. Private hourly tutoring by chemistry majors: this is helpful but can be pricey. These tutors can charge between $10-$15 per hour. The Chemistry Club keeps a list of tutors.