Current Projects:

Emergency Crowdsourced Automated Adaptive Networking System

EmergencySafety and security are major requirements for any community. These criteria in the past have been granted through the work of emergency first respondents whose work relies on accuracy and efficiency. A misevaluated incident could escalate into a larger situation leading to critical events with greater consequence. Therefore to combat this problem accurate information needs to be passed to the right personnel to ensure appropriate measures are taken. This is in fact the weakness of the first response system. Citizens who are often caught in crisis situations are required to relay information to emergency officials to allow for aid. The issue being that under increased stress and danger citizens often struggle to give an accurate account of the situation. Our Emergency Automated Adaptive Networking System allows for simple live streaming from a citizen's smart device directly to a first response system. This serves to alleviate the pressure from the individual allowing for a more accurate solution for information transfer. Once information is received along with relevant GPS information, respondents can then act accordingly.

  • Disaster Management System.
  • User satisfaction in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.
  • Energy optimization in Multi-path routing.