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A place for celebrating the Trumpet Studio at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  "Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out."
William Christopher Handy

Lesson sample #10:
Dr. Schafer and Hannah on practicing and college

Audio of trumpet playing not necessarily an accurate representation of true sound

Lindsey Keys

Lindsey Keys


Lindsey Keys is in her third year as a music education major at UTC and would like to be a high school band director when she graduates.  Her passion for music education comes from her passion for marching band.  She loves the feeling after performing and playing music that connects with the audience.  While she used to play the clarinet, one day she picked up her dad’s trumpet and liked it so much she decided to switch.  Regarding her progress since she enrolled at UTC, she is most excited about learning how to play different styles of music.  Marching band and jazz band are the groups that have exposed her to the most diverse music.  She is also able to handle performance anxiety better; she now enjoys performing more as a soloist. 

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April Bennett - senior, attended North Side HS, political science and criminal justice major,

Timothy Clark - sophomore, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Cory Dalton - junior, attended Grainger HS, music education major,

Taylor Franklin - junior, attended Carter HS, music education major,

Lindsey Keys - sophomore, attended Gibbs HS, music education major,

Zachary Langley - sophomore, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Hannah Lillibridge - freshman, attended East Hamilton HS, pre-professional biology major,

Dr. Schafer -

Justin Wilson - sophomore, attended Marion County HS, music education major,


Trumpet Festival of the Southeast

2014 Trumpet Festival of the Southeast participants, UTC

Tony Plog

Tony Plog, renowned composer and trumpeter, with members of the UTC Trumpet Studio, January 2013

From left to right: Erika Schafer, Cory Dalton, Trevor Hayes, Tim Clark, Tony Plog, Andrew Maden, Nicholas Wysong, Zachary Langley, Lindsey Keys

 Marching Band Trumpets 2014

2014 Marching Mocs Trumpet Section

Marching Band Trumpets 2014