A place for celebrating the Trumpet Studio at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  "Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out."
William Christopher Handy


Lesson/Performance Samples

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Anthony Plog's Animal Ditties
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Studio class:  History of the trumpet
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Hannah:  Practicing and college
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Tim:  Performance anxiety
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Zach:  Pitch tendencies
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April:  Accuracy
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Andrew:  Contemporary music
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Taylor:  Slow lip slurring
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Cory:  Soft playing
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Nick:  Articulation
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Jon:  Piccolo trumpet
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Brandy:  Use of air

Student of the Month

 Ridgeland HS Trumpet Ensemble


The Ridgeland HS Trumpet Ensemble was featured on the recent UTC Trumpet Ensemble and Low Brass Ensemble concert on March 31.  The group was led by Austin York and is self-run.  They gave an impressive performance of O Virgo Benedicta by Andreas de Silva, and then joined the UTC Trumpet Ensemble for a performance of Within Sacred Walls by Erik Morales.  These high school students are so inspiring!  Front row, left to right:  Hailey Baker, Annie Evans, Tiffany Anderson, Candace Dean, Jarrod Fountain; back row:  Tyler West, Austin York, Jasmine Buckner, Brett Knight, Seth Cope, Steffan Hulgan, and Kaleb Hull. 

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April Bennett - graduate student, attended North Side HS, criminal justice major,

Timothy Clark - senior, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Zachary Langley - senior, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Hannah Lillibridge - junior, attended East Hamilton HS, secondary education major,

Seth Moulton - freshman, attended Lincoln County HS, music education major,

Dr. Schafer -