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A place for celebrating the Trumpet Studio at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  "Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out."
William Christopher Handy


Lesson Samples

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Studio class:  History of the trumpet
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Hannah:  Practicing and college
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Tim:  Performance anxiety
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Zach:  Pitch tendencies
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April:  Accuracy
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Andrew:  Contemporary music
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Taylor:  Slow lip slurring
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Cory:  Soft playing
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Nick:  Articulation
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Jon:  Piccolo trumpet
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Brandy:  Use of air

Hannah Lillibridge


Hannah Lillibridge is a secondary education major.  Upon graduation, she hopes to teach 9th or 10th grade English.  She really likes helping kids, and really likes to read and write, so this is a great combination.  She enjoys reading young adult fiction; her favorite author is John Green.  She hopes to stay in the Chattanooga area after graduating, but would like to move somewhere else someday.  Being involved in music ensembles at UTC has been a nice relief for Hannah from the stress of her academic classes.  She is not in the ensembles for career preparation, just for fun.  Hannah has handled the challenge of balancing her music hobby with her academic requirements by scheduling her classes around rehearsals and by scheduling her practice time.  She says you must treat practicing like a class; it is not negotiable (I agree!).

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April Bennett - senior, attended North Side HS, political science and criminal justice major,

Timothy Clark - junior, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Cory Dalton - senior, attended Grainger HS, music education major,

Taylor Franklin - senior, attended Carter HS, music education major,

Lindsey Keys - junior, attended Gibbs HS, music education major,

Zachary Langley - junior, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Hannah Lillibridge - sophomore, attended East Hamilton HS, secondary education major,

Dr. Schafer -

Justin Wilson - junior, attended Marion County HS, music education major,