Co-op and Internship Opportunities

Career Information from Professional Organizations

Many professional organizations offer valuable caraeer information for mathematics undergraduate and graduate students; namely:


Hands-on Work Experience from Co-ops and Internships

Co-ops (i.e., cooperative education are generally completed by a student over more than one or more semesters) and internships are a great way to supplement classroom work, to grow your skills and gain early leadership experience, and to explore different career options. Employers look for individuals who are creative, collaborative, responsible, dependable and punctual. Interns can expect to be treated the same as their employees and are an integral part of their teams. Also, the real-world, professional work experience gained during a co-op or an internship is a big plus when you are looking for a full-time position after graduating, giving you a significant competitive edge in the job market. There are many co-op and intership opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in industry, research institutions, think tanks and government laboratories. Check the following websites to find out more about these opportunities:


Actuarial and Analytic Leadership Development Programs

The following companies offer actuarial and analytic leadership development programs and summer actuarial internship programs:


Opportunities in the Chattanoooga Area

Check the following websites for co-op and internship opportunities in the Chattanooga area:


Additional Online Resources

The following online resources may be used to customize your search for a suitable co-op or internship:


How to Apply to Co-ops and Internships Online

You will need to furnish an updated résumé, a cover letter, a portfolio of your work and a clear list of your goals from the internship. Please contact the following faculty members, if you need help:

We are ready to help you find an internship, explain the process for receiving academic credit hours for your internship and help you maximize your experience.

Note: Check this web page often. The information on this page is updated on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available.