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Ph.D. – 1981, Arizona State University
MBA – 1977, The University of Wyoming
B.S. – 1971, Baylor University

Sample Publications

2010: "The Relationship Between Miles and Snow's Strategic Types and Human Resource Practices", International Journal of Strategic Management, Vol. 10(2). 2010. Pg. 123-139. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Marilyn Helms, and Kathleen Wheatley. Discipline Based Scholarship

2009: “The Machinist’s Sequencing Dilemma”, Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal. Vol. 12, No. 1. 2009. Pg 49-62. Co-authored with Arben Asllani and Cynthia White.

2009: “Assessing Learning Outcomes in Students of Differing Abilities”, Business Education Digest Issue 18, November 2009 (Internet only). Co-authored with Paula Haynes and Cynthia White.

2009: “Equity Sensitivity and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in a Team Environment”, Small Group Research, Vol. 40, No. 1. 2009. Pg. 94-112. DOI: 10.1177/1046496408326575 Co-authored with Richard Allen and Obasi Akan.

2008: “Linking Diversity Practices and Perceived Diversity in Management” Problems and Perspectives in Management. Vol. 6. No. 2. 2008. Pg. 85-93.. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Gail Dawson, and Kathleen Wheatley.

 2008: “Perceived Diversity and Organizational Performance”, Employee Relations. Vol. 30. No. 1. 2008. Pg. 20-33. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Gail Dawson, and Kathleen Wheatley.

2008: “Porter’s Business Strategies in Japan”, Business Strategies Series. Vol. 9. No. 1. 2008. Pg. 37-44. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Marilyn Helms, Holly Jones, and Margaret Takeda.

2007: “Levels of Understanding – A Guide to the Teaching and Assessment of Knowledge”, Journal of Education for Business. Vol. 82. No. 3. 2007, Pg. 159-163.

2006: “A Comparison of Competitive Strategies in Japan and the United States”, SAM Advanced Management Journal .Vol. 71. No. 1. Winter 2006. Pg. 24-34. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Marilyn Helms, Margaret Takeda, and Cynthia White.

2006: “Diversity Practices: What Are Corporations Really Doing These Days?” January 2006, BQUEST. (Internet-only publication) Co-authored with Richard Allen, Kathleen Wheatley, and Gail Dawson.

2005: “Cross-Cultural Equity Sensitivity: A Test of Differences Between the United States and Japan”, The Journal of Managerial Psychology. Vol. 20. No. 8. 2005. Pg. 641-662. (Lead article). Co-authored with Richard Allen and Molly Takeda.

2004: “Anxiety and Career Action:  The Impact of Contextual Factors on Graduating College Seniors,”. NACE Journal (The National Association of Colleges and Employers) Winter 2004. Co-authored with Molly Takeda and Marilyn Helms.

2004: “Diversity Practices: Learning Responses for Modern Organizations”, Development and Learning in Organizations. Vol. 18. No. 6. Oct. 2004. Pg. 13-15. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Kathleen Wheatley, & Gail Dawson.

2004: “Emotional Intelligence and Its Relation to Equity Sensitivity and Responses to Under-Reward Situations”, Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management. Winter 2004. Internet-only journal. Located at Http://WWW.JBAM.ORG. Co-authored with Richard Allen and Michael Biderman.  

2004: “Rewards and Organizational Performance in Japan and the United States: A Comparison”, Global Compensation. Jan/Feb 2004. pg. 7-14. Co-authored with Richard Allen, Marilyn Helms, and Margaret Takeda.

2003: “Viscaino vs. Microsoft’s Impact on the Future of Short-Term and Permatemp Contingent Employment in Marketing: An Agency Theory Perspective”, Marketing Management Journal. Vol 13. Issue 2, Fall 2003. pg. 132-142. Co-authored with Michael J. Cotter and James Henley.

2003: " Economic Development and Micro-Enterprises in Rural Communities: Are There Gender Differences", Journal of Business and Economic Development. Spring 2003, Vol. 9. No. 1. pg. 26-41. Co-authored with Minoo Tehrani.  

2002: “Equity Sensitivity Theory: A Test of Responses to Two types of Under-Reward Situations”, Journal of Managerial Issues. Winter 2002, Vol. 14. No. 4. Pg. 435-451. Co-authored with Richard Allen.   “Defer to Refer? Giving References and Avoiding Legal Liability”, MGMA Connexion, 2002, Vol. 2. No. 2. Pg. 60-64. Co-authored with Greg Thibadoux.

2002: “How Closely Are Temporary Workers Screened? Results of a National Survey of Temporary Agencies”, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Spring 2002, Vol. 67, No. 2. Pg. 31-36. Co-authored with Richard Allen and Joanie Sompayrac.  

2001: "A Study of the Legitimate Screening Practices of the Temporary Help Industry,” Employment and Labor Law Quarterly . Fall 2001, Vol. 3. No. 1. (Electronic journal) Co-authored with Joanie Sompayrac.  

2001: “Exceptions to Agency Theory and the Rise of Contingency Employment in Marketing,” Marketing Management Journal, 2001, Vol. 11. No. 2. Pg. 123-131. Co-authored.

2001: “Can Your Firm Be Held Liable for the Actions of Temporary Employees?” Tennessee CPA Journal, 2001, Vol. 46. No. 8. Pg. 6-9. (Cover article) Co-authored. Reprinted in The Silver State CPA Vol. 42. Issue 1. Pg. 4. (Jan/Feb, 2002 edition).

Professional Activities
Academy of Management

Honors and Awards
Beta Gamma Sigma, Business Honor Fraternity, The University of Wyoming (1977)
Sigma Iota Epsilon, Management Honor Fraternity, University of Wyoming (1977).