Global leadership
North American leadership 
Expatriate management
International human resource management

Assessing, selecting, and developing global leaders and expatriates in multinational for profit and not for profit corporations.
Clarifying the relationship between global leadership competencies and global leadership effectiveness.
Developing global leadership competencies in traditional business school pedagogical contexts.

Ph.D. - 1983, Brigham Young University
B.S. - 1980, Brigham Young University

Recent Books

Mendenhall, M.E., Osland, J., Bird, A., Oddou, G., Maznevski, M., Stevens, M.J., & Stahl, G.K. (2013)  Global leadership:  Research, practice, and development. (2nd edition). London:  Routledge.

Stahl, G.K., Mendenhall, M.E., & Oddou, G. (eds).  (2012) Readings and cases in international human resource management. (5th edition).  London:  Routledge.

Recent Publications 

Mendenhall, M.E.,  Arnardottir, A.A., Oddou, G.R., & Burke, L.A. (2013). “Developing cross-cultural competencies in management education via Cognitive-Behavior Therapy.” Academy of Management Learning & Education, 12(3): 436 – 451.

Mendenhall, M.E., & Bird, A.  (2013). “In search of global leadership.”  Organizational Dynamics, 42: 167-174.

Miska, C., Stahl, G.K., & Mendenhall, M.E. (2013). Intercultural competencies as antecedents of responsible global leadership.  European Journal of International Management. 7(5): 550-569.

Mendenhall, M.E., Reiche, B.S., Bird, A., & Osland, J.S. (2012). Defining the ‘global’ in global leadership. Journal of World Business, 47(4): 493-503.

Osland, J.S, Bird, A., & Mendenhall, M.E. (2012) Global leadership and global mindset: An updated look. In G. Stahl & I. Bjorkman (eds.) International human resources handbook. 2nd edition. London: Elgar: 227-259.

Professional Activities and Memberships
Beta Gamma Sigma
Academy of International Business
Academy of Management
International Organization Network
International Academy of Intercultural Research

Honors and Awards

Best Teaching Award 2013. CEMS: The Global Alliance in Management Education

SAGE Publishers Award for Best Management History Division Paper in Leadership (2011)

Global Leadership Advancement Center: Best Article Award (2010)

Emerald Best Symposium Award, Academy of Management

Best Symposium Award, MED, Academy of Management (2007-2008)

Academy of Management and Management Education Division's Global Forum Best Symposium Award - sponsored by University of Manchester, Manchester Business School (2007)

Academy of Management, Management Education and Development Division (2001)

Recipient of the Ludwig Erhard Stiftungsprofessur Endowed Chair, University of Bayreuth (1998)

Outstanding Service Award from the International Management Division of the  Academy of Management (1994)