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Management of Information Systems
Production and Operations Management
Management Science/Operations Research
Computer Simulations

Decision Support Systems and Data Mining
Decision Making with Simulation

Ph.D. - 1998, The University of Nebraska at Lincoln
M.A - 1994, The University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Candidate of Sciences - 1992, University of Tirana, Albania
B.S. - 1984, The University of Tirana, Albania

Sample Publications

Forthcoming: “A Generic Simulation Model to Manage a Vaccination Program,“ Journal of Medical Systems. Asllani, A. & Ettkin, L. (CP)

2011: "Open Innovation Modeling Using Game Theory," Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp. 79-90, Asllani, A. & Lari, A. (DBR)

2011: "Addressing Vulnerability of Mobile Computing: A Managerial Perspective," International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp. 1-5, Asllani, A., & Ali, A. (CP)

2009: "The Effect of Human Pattern-recognition Abilities in Improving DSS Performance," Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 57, pp. 246-252, Asllani, A. & Lari, A. (CP)

2009: “Machinist’s Sequencing Dilemma: Problem Formulation and Solution,“ Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal. Asllani, A., White, S. & White, C.

2009: Asllani, A. & Lari, A. (2009) The Effect of Human Pattern-recognition Abilities in Improving DSS Performance. Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume. 57 pp. 246–252

2008: Ahmadi, M., Asllani, A., Roth, W. & White, C. (2008) Using Online Technology to Enhance Problem Solving Skills: An Experimental Study, International Journal of Management in Education, Volume 2, Number 2, pp. 234-247.

2008: Asllani, A., Ettkin, L. & Somasundar, A. (2008) Sharing knowledge with conversational technologies: web logs versus discussion boards. International Journal of Information Technology and Management. Volume 7, Number 2, pp. 217-230.

2007: Asllani, A. Dileepan, P. & Ettkin, L (2007) A Methodology for Using Simulation to Optimize Emergency Mass Vaccination Parameters, Journal of Medical Systems, Volume 31, pp. 453–459.

2007: Asllani, A. & Lari, A. (2007) Using genetic algorithm for dynamic and multiple criteria web-site optimizations. European Journal of Operational Research. Volume 176, Issue 3, 1 February 2007, pp 1767-1777

Professional Activities and Memberships

Allied Academies Academy of Information and Management Sciences (Fall 2009-Present)
“Introduction to Computers” Redesign Task Force, Chair (Spring 2009)
College of Business Admission Standard Committee, Chair (Spring 2009)
American Institute of Higher Education, 2st International Conference, Orlando, September 24-26, Conference Chair (September 2008)
American Institute of Higher Education, 1st International Conference, Orlando, April 3-5, Program Committee and Session Chair (April 2008)
Member of Academy of Management and Information Sciences/Allied Academies ( Spring 2008-Present)
Member of Healthcare Management Academy/Allied Academies (Spring 2008-Present)
Editorial Board for the American Journal of Business Research (January 2008-Present)

Honors and Awards
Alpha Honor Society, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (2011)                                                                   

Post Doctoral Fellowship, Center for Security Studies, University of Maryland (2010-2011)                               

Dean’s Merit Awards for Faculty Achievements, College of Business, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011)

Summerfield Johnston Centennial Scholar, UTC, College of Business (2006)

UTC Max Finley Centennial Scholar (2006)