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Irene J Hillman graduated with a BS in Sociology & Urban Studies from New College of Florida and an MA in Educational Psychology from University of Colorado. She has a background in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition where she spent numerous years sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates across multiple disciplines using analytical and behavioral techniques. In 2009, Hillman took her experience in recruitment and shifted into the field of career services in higher education. She joined UTC in 2013 with the goal of putting the College of Business on the map for progressive and engaging career development programs. 

StrengthsFinder Results: Achiever, Futuristic, Strategic, Ideation, Learner

MBTI Results: ENTJ - Idealist Organizer

Philosophy on work: Stay inspired or be prepared to shrivel up like a sad little raisin.

Advice for pending graduates: There is no coasting to career satisfaction. Step up and be great.