Summer 2016 Course Offerings!

First Session Courses (May 18-June 28)

BIOL/ESC 1100 Conservation of Biodiversity (3hrs, online)

BIOL 1110/L Principles of Biology I with lab (4hrs)

BIOL 1130 Principles of Biology III (3hrs)

BIOL 2080/L Human Physiology with lab (4hrs)

BIOL 3250 Genetics (3hrs)

BIOL 3350 Evolution (3hrs, online)

BIOL 4190 Plant Taxonomy with lab (4hrs)

BIOL 4999 Urban Gardening (1hr)

GEOL 1110/L Physical Geology with lab (4hrs)


Second Session Courses (June 29-August 9)

BIOL/ ESC 1100 Conservation of Biodiversity (3hrs, online)

BIOL 1120/ L Principles of Biology II with lab (4hrs)

BIOL 2060/L Functional Human Anatomy with lab (4hrs)

BIOL 3060 Ecology (3hrs)

BIOL 4220/L Principles of Microbiology with lab (4hrs)


Other summer offerings:

BIOL 4997 Research

BIOL 4998 Individual Studies

ESC 4910 Environmental Science Internship

ESC 4998 Individual Studies

ESC 5999 Thesis