Symposium History

IParticipants of '93n November 1993, a steering committee of journalism historians met in Chattanooga to organize what has evolved into an annual meeting. The 1993 group included (from the left on the back row) David Mindich, New York University; Dwight Teeter, University of Tennessee Knoxville; Ed Caudill, UT Knoxville; David Sachsman, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Lloyd Chaisson, Nichols State University; Don Reynolds, East Texas State University; Kit Rushing, UT Chattanooga; Edd Applegate, Middle Tennessee State University; Gene Wiggins, University of Southern Mississippi; Bob Dardenne, University of South Florida; Jim Ogden, United States Park Service; Joe Trahan, UT Chattanooga.


Also attending the 1993 meeting, but not on the field trip to Lookout Mountain where this photograph was taken, were Barbara Straus Reed, Rutgers University; and Leonard Ray Teel, Georgia State University.