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Welcome Week 2017


Paint U

"Paint U: The Ultimate Campus Paint Party"

Hosted annually by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). 

Hosting an event during the first 15 days and want to get the word out? Submit your event or program to be included on the Welcome Week 2017 Calendar! Adding your event to the calendar can boost awareness of not only your event but your group, as well. Welcome Week calendars are distributed all over campus and widely shared through university social media. 

Our goal is to show case as many groups as possible during the first 15 days. Registered Student Organizations like the Black Student Alliance and Campus Activities Board and university entities like the College of Business, University Career Services and UTC Dining have all seen direct results from both hosting an event during Welcome Week and promoting it through the calendar.

 To submit your event or program, please use the submission form below.

Rolling submission process; preferred deadline is July 7, 2017

2017 Calendar Submission Form


Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Welcome Week 2017 is August 17 - 31, 2017. 

Any recognized registered student organization, university office and department or university agency can submit an event to be included during the Welcome Week calendar. Events must be during the Welcome Week timeframe.

Local businesses or community groups are not permitted to submit an event using this form, at this time. If you are a local group and have interest in hosting an event during Welcome Week, please contact Austin Arias at for more information.

All of the basics - name, date, time, location, etc. All events must provide a detailed description of the event.  All events must have a MocSync event link or link on a university website with more information. We also ask you have a primary point of contact for your event, as well. Those contacts will be listed on the online calendar to assist individuals who may have specific questions related to the event.

Unfortunately at this time, we do not provide a bulk option. We ask you submit each program you are planning to host individually to assist us with tracking.

Our program can guarantee you cross-promotion for your event through the use of our website, the Office of the Dean of Students social media and the Welcome Week guide on the Mocs Now app.

It is the responsibility and expectation of any RSO or university entitiy to run their program, fund their program, reserve any spaces or needs and additionally promote their event.

If you are a registered student organization, you are eligible to submit a request through the Student Progamming Allocations Committee (SPAC) to request funding for your program. More information can be found on the SPAC website. Collaboration with other RSOs and university entities is strongly encouraged and can help your request immensely. Questions about the SPAC process should be directed to Emelia Dunston at

If you are a university entity seeking financial support, you may contact Austin Arias at to see if there is any co-sponsorship opportunity. However, there is no guarantee.

All approved events submitted via the submission form will be featured on the Welcome Week website and in Welcome Week guide on the Mocs Now app.

Events open to the entire campus may appear on the printed materials distributed for Welcome Week. However, there is no guarantee at this time. 

Yes! Events submitted after the preferred deadline will get added to the website and app. However, you will likely miss consideration for any printed materials.

While we strongly encourage you to make your event FREE to any current Moc, it does not have to be free in order to be listed. We ask you put the information about any fees associated with your event in your submission. Your description should provide information about how to pay the fee including any registration processes.

The calendar is generated through event listings created within MocSync. Your submission through this form does not automatically add your event to MocSync. However, setting your area up with a MocSync portal is easy! If you are interested, please contact Austin Arias at for a consultation about how we can use MocSync to maximize your event promotion.

It's easy! MocSync allows your RSO or office/department the easily ability to swipe students into events with their Mocs Card. If your group does not have a MocSync portal, it takes just minutes to set one up. If you are interested, please contact Austin Arias at for a consultation about how we can use MocSync to maximize your event promotion.

Please contact Austin Arias in the Office of the Dean of Students with any additional questions. He can be reached at