Walker Center Fall 2018 Seminars

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Faculty are invited to attend a hands-on workshop focusing on their syllabus. We will go over available syllabus resources (such as our accessible template), and assist you with getting your syllabus named according to the UTC required naming convention. If your syllabus is ready, we can also show you how to upload it into UTC Learn so it will be available to students on the very first day of classes.

picture of Dawn Ford

Dawn Ford

Why Faculty Should Attend: When working with college students it can be difficult to ascertain if classroom and comportment behaviors stem from mental health issues. In this brief workshop, we will discuss the major mental illnesses that college students experience, how to identify behaviors that may be indicators of mental illness,  and how you can intervene to help your students.

Mental Health First Aiders are…Teachers, first responders and veterans. They’re neighbors, parents and friends. They’re people in recovery, and those supporting a family member. They’re First Ladies and Mayors. Mental Health First Aiders are anyone who wants to make their community healthier, happier and safer for all.

MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID MATTERS. Most of us would know how to help if we saw someone having a heart attack—we’d start CPR, or at the very least, call 9-1-1. But too few of us would know how to respond if we saw someone having a panic attack or if we were concerned that a friend or co-worker might be showing signs of alcoholism.

Mental Health First Aid takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about mental health and substance use problems by improving understanding and providing an action plan that teaches people to safely and responsibly identify and address a potential mental illness or substance use disorder.

The Walker Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to host this training with the UTC Counselor Education Program.