Quality Matters Faculty Training Cohort Program

UTC faculty are invited to apply to participate in a Quality Matters Faculty Training Cohort program. Facilitated by the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning, this faculty cohort will meet monthly, October 2016 through July, 2017.

In Fall 2016/Spring 2017, participants will complete two Quality Matters certification courses. The Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) course is a two-week course offered online by Quality Matters. During the course, faculty members will review sample courses and learn how to apply the Quality Matters rubric. Upon successful completion of the APPQMR course, cohort members will continue their training by completing two-week online Peer Reviewer Course —the course required to become a certified Quality Matters course reviewer. Each Quality Matters course is facilitated by Quality Matters instructors and there are specific deadlines for completing course requirements (discussion board postings, quizzes, and assignments) within the two-week period. For more information, go to the Quality Matters Professional Development webpage. There is some flexibility in the start dates of these two online courses.

In Spring/Summer 2017, faculty members will complete the Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) workshop from Quality Matters and will use Quality Matters standards and Walker Center for Teaching and Learning resources to guide a redesign of one of their existing online or hybrid courses. The outcome of the cohort is that each participant will have one hybrid or online course that is consistent with Quality Matters standards. This cohort will establish a quality assurance process that focuses on consistency and rigor in online and hybrid course design using a national recognized rubric and will create the foundation of UTC’s Quality Matters peer review teams. The long term goal of the Quality Matters Faculty Training Program is that every UTC online and hybrid course be designed in alignment with Quality Matters Rubric Standards.

Quality Matters course fees will be paid for cohort participants and participants will be paid a summer stipend of $1,250 upon completion of all cohort activities (APPQMR course, Peer Reviewer Course, IYOC course, and redesign of current online/hybrid course that meets QM standards).

 To apply for this program, complete the application form and send to wctl@utc.edu by October 7th.