Quality Matters Certified Online Courses at UTC

(through an internal review process)

Accounting 2010 - Principles of Accounting (A Haun)

Accounting 3000 - Intermediate Accounting I (J Trussel)

Biol/ESC 1100 - Conservation of Biodiversity (D Ford) - fall/spring offerings (This course also holds national recognition for meeting QM standards through an external review.)

Communication 3350 - Publication Design I (C Simmons)

English 1330 - Introduction to Literature (V Prevost)

English 2880 - Professional Writing (T Parker)

Finance 3020 - Essentials of Managerial Finance (C Wann)

Finance 3210 - Banking and Finance (M Long)

Finance 4230 - Financial Management (C Brockman)

Health and Human Performance 4530 - Substance Use, Misuse, and Abuse (G Ezell)

Health and Human Performance 4520 - Aging, Dying and Death (G Ezell)

History 1120 - World History from 1400-Present (A Huesman)

Integrated Studies 4900 - Integrated Studies Senior Portfolio (G Potts)

Management 3110 - Operations Management (P Dileepan)

Management 3600 - Management of Information Systems (B Asllani)

Management 4380 - International Management (N Lamb)

Management 5810 - Management of Information Systems (B Asllani)

Nutrition 3340 - Life Cycle Nutrition (M Powell)

PANM 2050 - Introduction to Statistics for Public Administration and Nonprofit Management (C Horne)