Final Grade Deadline and Turning in Grades

The deadline for turning in final grades can be found on the academic calendar under the academic current year. This deadline must be met. Anyone who is responsible for turning in official grades to the Records Office must go through training through the Records Office to be able to submit grades in the student information system. If a student is on the official grade form, a grade must be assigned. Even if a student has not been to class the entire semester, if s/he did not officially drop the class through Records and Registration, s/he must be given a grade.

Use of the "Incomplete" (I) letter grade

Do not assign a student the grade of I (incomplete) if the only reason is so that they can do extra credit work to make up for poor performance during the semester.  This is not the purpose of the I letter grade.  Also, If you do assign an I letter grade, you must be available to accept the completed normal class work up until the deadline for removal of an I letter grade.  The deadlines for when grades are due are listed in the academic calendar.  If the work is submitted on time, you must then grade it and submit a Request for Change of Grade which can be obtained through your departmental secretary.  If no change of letter grade form is received for an I letter grade, this grade will automatically turn into an "F."


Posting of Grades

Teaching Assistants/Graduate Assistants usually do not inform students of their final grade since the Registrar makes the grade reports available online promptly. Posting of grades by the student's name, social security number, partial or full, or by their utcID violates the students' rights to privacy.

Keeping Papers

A Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant should turn in graded exams and papers for the department to keep for a minimum of ten (10) days following the completion of a term, until the possibility of a grade appeal is past.

Grade Books 

Teaching Assistants/ Graduate Assistants are expected to keep a written record of how students are progressing through a course.  The usual ways of doing this are either through the use of a paper notebook with each student's name and scores on assignments or by using a computer program to keep track of this information.  If you want to use a computer program based grade book, consider using the grade book in UTC Learn (Blackboard).  Depending on how complicated your grading schema is, consider attending training on the grade book functions before you post mid-term grades.


Changing Grades

On those rare occasions when a grade must be changed, the Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant or the faculty supervisor, must complete a Request for Change of Grade form available from the department office or the Records Office. A grade change from an incomplete (I) to a letter grade requires only the Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant's signature. All other grade changes require signatures from the Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant, the department head and the dean.