Student Support Resources

Part of being a good instructor is being able to help students become aware of the resources available to them that will help them be successful students.  This page provides resources to which you can refer your students. 


Center for Academic Support and Advisement

If you have a student that is struggling and has not declared a major, this is the place to find someone who can help.  It is important to get students connected with their advisors before they fall so far behind that they cannot be successful in your class.


Counseling Center

If you think that one of your students is having emotional or psycho-social problems, this is the place where s/he can find help.  The quicker you help them make contact with these service, the better chance they have of appropriately dealing with what ever issues are impacting their performance in your class.


UTC Writing Center

Students may have issues expressing themselves in writing.  If you cannot understand what they are writing, it really does not matter. Help them put coherent sentences together so that you will not have to try and guess what they mean or what they know.


Disability Resource Center

With the passage or the Americans with Disabilities Act, all classroom activities must be adapted to accommodate your students' needs. The most important thing to remember is that students have to "self identify" before you can accommodate them. Students must work with the Disabilities Resource Center, who will then let you know acceptable accommodations.


Student Support Services

This area provides support services aimed at subset of students that have been identified by the federal government as at risk.  This may include being a first generation college student, having a disability, or being a weak academic student.  If you feel a student in your class fits any of these categories, please refer them to this program.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides services to UTC students, faculty and staff members, including well adult physical exams, well woman exams, men's health, as well as normal infirmary type services.