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Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media. The system integrates with Canvas, allowing faculty, staff, and students to create, upload, and share multimedia content with ease. Ideal for any class structure, Kaltura expands the reach and impact of traditional, web-enhanced, hybrid, flipped, and fully online courses.

About Kaltura

With Kaltura, the Instructors can upload media and record their screen or webcam. These features allow them to:

  • Create video assignments
  • Increase active learning through guided lessons
  • Demonstrate concepts to help students better connect with material
  • Jumpstart discussions on course topics and concepts
  • Expand opportunities for critical thinking
  • Introduce themselves and their course to students before classes start

Instructors will also have access to a personal media repository, and each course section will have a dedicated Kaltura Course Space.

By default, videos uploaded to Kaltura are private and inaccessible to anyone but the original content "owner". Kaltura empowers users to control how their videos are published and shared.


  • Faculty and Staff: To access Kaltura at this time, you must enable the features in your Canvas course(s).
  • Currently Enrolled Students: To make use of Kaltura via Canvas, you must be enrolled in a course where the instructor has activated this feature.

Kaltura Reach Captioning and Enrichment

The Kaltura REACH video captioning and enrichment suite offers automatic machine generated transcriptions for all videos. Captions are automatically delivered directly within the Kaltura interface in your video portal, and can be edited within the video for quick review and modification ensuring your videos are fully accessible to all viewers.

Kaltura Virtual Classroom 

decorative imageKaltura Virtual Classroom provides an experience purposely built for online instruction. With one click, instructors and learners can engage as if they are in the same room, no installation needed! Engage your learners through interactive tools like a whiteboard, screen sharing, breakout rooms, real time notes, live quizzes and more. 


Lecture Capture

Kaltura Lecture Capture makes it possible to create engaging, interactive videos on a schedule or on the fly, live or on-demand, and share to your Canvas courses or automatically publish to your Kaltura Course Space.

UTC Information Technology is working hard to equip classrooms on campus for live lecture capture. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

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