Assignment to Teach Distance Education Courses, Teaching Load, and Compensation

  • Academic departments/programs that have elected to offer distance education courses and programs of study may identify the instructors of the courses.
    • Departments should select instructors according to willingness and availability to teach the courses, knowledge of the topics reviewed in the course, and training or experience in teaching distance education courses.
    • Instructors of distance education courses should receive regular training recommended by the Distance Learning Advisory Council. Instructors of graduate-level courses and programs of study may require additional approval from the Graduate Council.
  • Faculty assigned to teach distance education courses should receive sufficient training and lead time to prepare the course. As circumstances warrant, the department may provide the instructor a course load reduction to facilitate course preparation. The department and Provost should also provide adequate resources to purchase materials needed for the preparation of the course.
  • Departments offering distance education courses are encouraged to modify their EDO policies to recognize faculty development and teaching of distance education courses.
  • Teaching a distance education course shall be considered a part of the individual’s teaching load and in keeping with the common practices of the department, college, and University.
  • Faculty are not entitled to receive additional compensation or load reduction for teaching a distance education course except under special circumstances that have been approved by the department head, academic dean, and provost.