Syllabus Resources

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Create your syllabus using the syllabus template 

Syllabus templates are available for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019. The template is a Microsoft Word form that includes all required syllabus sections. Each section is described in the syllabus checklist.

To use the syllabus template form, copy and paste from your existing syllabus into the boxes, or type directly into the boxes. You may add additional content as well.   Insert lists of items, such as student learning outcomes, using a bulleted list or a numbered list so they are easily navigable (enter these lists under the form boxes).

Sample syllabi using this template are available for an online course and a face-to-face course.

For more syllabus resources, go to the Syllabus Statements page and the Syllabus Links page. 

There are 12 Quality Matters standards addressed in the syllabus template:

  • Modality (indicate if the course is face-to-face, online, or hybrid); this must match the official course schedule. 
  • Technology Requirements for Course
  • Technology Skills Required for Course
  • Technology Support
  • Course Grading:
    • Course Grading Policy (previously, only the grading scale was required)
    • Instructor Grading and Feedback Response Time
  • Student Conduct Policy (with link to Student Handbook)
  • Honor Code Pledge
  • Course Participation/Contribution
  • Course Learning Evaluation – this was requested by Faculty Senate’s Student Rating of Faculty committee. 

2. Save your syllabi with the naming convention 

To aid in retrieving your syllabi from UTC Learn, please use the revised naming convention as follows: 


  • GEOG.1119.26333.syllabus.su19.doc
  • ENGL.1000.23412.syllabus.su19.pdf

Save the syllabus file as a .doc file (not .docx) as this is the most accessible Word format.  

You can also save as an accessible pdf.  

3. Upload your syllabi to UTC Learn

To upload your syllabi to UTC Learn Blackboard, follow the steps in the tutorial. Links to syllabi are not acceptable; a file must be uploaded.  

To upload your syllabi to UTC Learn Canvas, follow the steps in the tutorial.  Links to the syllabi are not acceptable; a file must be uploaded.