High-Impact Practices Development Grants Awarded

Fall 2018

  • Rik Hunter, English Department, "Digital Book World Conference," $2000.00
  • Susan Eckelmann Berghel, "Class Trip to the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, AL: Civil Rights Exhibits & Local Sights," $2000.00
  • Ethan Mills, Department of Philosophy and Religion, "Halloween Philosophical Horror Film Festival," $425.39
  • Shane Ward, Art Department, "Poetics of Collaborative Translation: The Poem as Spatial Rendering," $1923.50
  • Elizabeth O'Brien, Counselor Education Program, "Psychological Wellness Course," $420.00
  • Amanda Durall, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Community Based Adapted Fitness," $719.28
  • Trevor Elliott, Department of Mechanical Engineering, "UTC Rocket Mocs STEM Outreach and Rocketry Certification," $2000.00

Summer 2018

Spring 2018

  • Spring Kurtz, Sheena Monds, Tracye Pool, Women's Studies Program, "Serving To Shelter: A Social Justice Service Learning Opportunity To Help Shelter Victims of Domestic Violence and Homelessness," $1113.56
  • Luke Manget, History Department, "Cades Cove Museum of Environmental History," $1000.00
  • Tonya Miller, Interior Design Department, "Virtual Reality for Enhanced Visualization of Interior Design," $2000.00
  • Krysta Murillo, School of Education, "Bridging Community and School Partnerships for Education Students through Organized Family Nights," $800.00
  • Katie Hargrave, Art Department, "Observational Drawing in the City: Artist Susanna Bluhm to visit Art 1050: Observational Drawing," $1651.00

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

  • Drew Bailey, Department of Health and Human Performance, "Adventure Playground & Low Ropes Construction," $2,000.00
  • James Arnett, Tiffany Mitchell, Sarah Einstein, Immaculate Kizza, English Department; Jordan Amirkhani, Katie Hargrave, Art Department; Heather Palmer, Tracye Pool, Sheena Monds, Marcie Noe, Women's Studies Department; Gaye Jeffers, Division of Theatre & Speech; Susan Eckelmann, History; Shewanee Baptiste-Howard, Department of Health & Human Performance, "Lemonade: The Lecture," $1,100.00
  • Rik Hunter, English Department, "Writing Beyond the Academy," $700.00
  • Daniel Loveless, Department of Electrical Engineering, "Undergraduate Research Experience in the Space Sciences," $1,897.00
  • Michael Thompson, History Department, "Urban Slavery Field Trip, Charleston, South Carolina," $2,000.00

Fall 2016

  • James Arnett, English Department, "Refugees, At Home in Chattanooga: The Transnational (African) Novel," $1,220.00
  • Ann Buggey, Women's Studies Program, "Women and Textiles: Workshops and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)," $1,997.50
  • Billy Jackson, Math Department, "Preparing Future Teachers for the K-8 Classroom," $2,000.00
  • Rebecca Jones, English Department, "Developing a Graduate Magazine," $600
  • Cecelia Wigal, Department of Mechanical Engineering, "UTC Design for Independence," $2,000.00
  • Jennifer Danos, Art Department, "UTC/UGA Sculpture Student Exhibition Exchange," $786.76
  • Katie Hargrave, Art Department, "Animated Drawing Screening," $1,897.16
  • Susan Eckelmann, History Department & Jordan Amirkhani, Art Department, "Student Class Trip to Spelman College's Museum of Fine Art," $1,330.00
  • Spring Kurtz, Women's Studies Program, "The Activist-Enhanced Classroom," $1,869.70